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The precious environments of the new Seta Meat Lab in Bologna, Italy

1 April 2021

A fundamental aspect of the culinary experience is to serve meat at the tables directly on hot plates, without deteriorating any surface


The city of Bologna has undisputed beauty combined with a truly unique gastronomic culture. At the beginning of 2020, a new element was added to this rich culinary landscape: Seta Meat Lab. Located near the central Piazza Maggiore – one of Bologna most symbolic places – this exclusive venue was born in Seta Sushi Lab’s wake of the success and on a new, brilliant intuition of Maurilio Zaccone and Davide Colomba. At the head of the kitchen, there is always Cueto Glen: connoisseur, master, cook, samurai and sushi aesthete. With this new gourmet adventure, he shifts his focus on meat, proposed in its most precious and rare cuts, accompanied by Renato Chili’s cocktails.

An elegant, sophisticated atmosphere makes the Seta Meat Lab stand out with a distinctive style of the décor which combines radically different elements that find harmony expressed through casual combinations. Exposed brick and ‘spatula’ gold walls coexist with optical, reptile and concrete texture wallpapers, so as with upholstered and leather or velvet-covered seats that furnish the space.

The ambitious project included Gruppo Cosentino’s contribution by providing 55 square meters of 20 mm thick Dekton® tabletops in a dark matt Sirius finish, which completed Martelli Marmi tables. Gruppo Cosentino’s revolutionary ultra-compact surface is a sophisticated blend of raw materials such as glass, state-of-the-art porcelain and quartz. As a result, the team responsible for renovating the former Gesto space was able to meet all demands, having found a material offering great aesthetic while being extremely resistant to stains, scratches and, above all, high temperatures.

This last feature is crucial; one of the highlights of the culinary experience offered by the Seta Meat Lab is that meat is served directly at the table on a hot plate without damaging the surfaces, thanks to the extraordinary technical properties of Dekton®. Lastly, the textured jet-black shade of Sirius adds a touch of realism, elegance and strength to the atmosphere of this restaurant, which has already become a landmark destination for meat lovers just about a year after its launch.



  • Year: 2019
  • Contractor: Domada sas
  • Project development: FGC Loft Showroom Falegnameria
  • Architecture & Interior Design: Willy Calabrese Interior Designer
  • Stonemason: Martelli Marmi (tables)
  • Lighting: Catellani & Smith
  • Photographer: Lorenzo Patoia



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