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Vetrarti, the furnace par excellence

2 May 2023

The Vetrarti furnace was founded in 1971 near Venice, Italy, by Roberto Vestidello. Over 50 years of activity, also managed by Roberto’s family, namely his sons Nicola and Luca, and their fantastic collaborators.

Vetrarti meets the most demanding requirements of its international clients in the decorative lighting, complements and accessories fields. The excellence of Vetrarti has always been knowing how to work glass using the traditional Murano colours and having raised a highly qualified workforce. Another plus is the great variety of techniques in working with Murano glass, a high level of competence in cutting, accuracy in glass drilling, and extraordinary competence in designing and executing moulds to make glass.

Vetrarti specializes in the field of decorative and design lighting and is able to satisfy requests for specific supplies. With its limited-edition products or in coordination with the most important international architectural firms, Vetrarti is able to provide solutions for the world of contract, hotels, banks, restaurants and public venues worldwide. One of the most relevant projects in recent years is the chandelier made for the exclusive Tokyo Baycourt Hotel.

Flexibility, reliability, speed and a reputation that crosses national borders over the years, are the winning factors for the company’s success, also featured by the production of quality glass for exclusive lighting projects.

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