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Well-designed lighting creates a sense of security thanks to Solaris Residenziale

30 April 2024

Protecting the community, yourself and your property from theft and vandalism is a priority goal for SIDE


From many studies, it emerges more and more frequently that poorly lit areas such as parks, homes and public places are those considered most at risk. Every day, SIDE supports designers, architects, and those who plan the correct lighting for people’s safety, always caring to preserve the night-time environment.

In every outdoor lighting project, SIDE selects products of the DARKSKY range – outdoor equipment that does not direct light upwards – such as the brand-new SOLARIS RESIDENZIALE. These lighting fixtures help make people feel safe while preserving the natural night-time environment, too. Using fully shielded devices, compliant with DARKSKY regulations, allows you to illuminate, avoiding creating reflections and eliminating dark areas that make environments dangerous.

How to illuminate and provide safety without wasting energy? It is fundamental to be supported by professionals to design correct lighting, well positioned and sufficiently bright, thus certainly creating a deterrent effect, but, at the same time, it is essential to learn to use the lights only when and where necessary, installing timers and above all using motion sensors thus combining safety and maximum protection for the environment.



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