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White and multicolor LED strips: light scenarios for the whole house

28 February 2024

To add personality to the garden and home has never been easier, thanks to LEDVANCE LED strips, smart and more


With LEDVANCE LED strips you can give free rein to your creativity in the garden, on the terrace and inside the home, thanks to a very wide and versatile range that easily adapts to all spaces and ways of use. The family product includes SMART + products with technology via WIFI, BLUETOOTH or ZIGBEE, available in white or colored light, with an enveloping homogeneous light effect. The LED strips are easy to apply, just a power outlet nearby and you can create the lighting scene that best reflects your personality.


Indoor and Outdoor applications

The most modern, beautiful and versatile smart LED strip you can imagine is SMART + WIFI NEON FLEX MULTICOLOR, 3 or 5 meters long. The light is homogeneous, white and colored, wifi use is simple and fun and the IP44 protection makes it safe anywhere, even outdoors or in humid environments. It is possible to illuminate every corner of the room to enhance it or, simply, make it more functional. In the bedroom, for example, by placing the light strip behind the head of the bed, it is possible to obtain a romantic light effect, accompany the reading with a wonderful versatile light or, again, wake up gently with the awakening function.

If you are looking for a SPA touch in the bathroom, it is possible to introduce a chromotherapy effect near the shower or above the mirror. The management of colors, scenarios and shades of light takes place via the app or simply by talking to the smart speaker. With the SMART + WIFI NEON FLEX MULTICOLOR strips, creativity also finds space in the garden or on the terrace of the house, because they are not afraid of humidity. Also available in the non-smart version thanks to the NEON FLEX strip: on/off white light that does not require any connection. Also colored with remote control.


Indoor applications

Even in the living area, the LED strips give character to the environment. You can choose between different technological solutions to apply the SMART + (WIFI, BLUETOOTH, ZIGBEE) FLEX MULTICOLOR strips above the kitchen furniture, in the frame of the studio ceiling or behind the bookcase, and in any case obtain a scenographic effect. They are available in different sizes, from 1 to 5 meters, with the possibility of adding an extension, where necessary. FLEX TV MOOD LIGHT is LEDVANCE’s proposal to make your home cinema area unique and fascinating, illuminating the back of the flat screen with a white or colored strip of light (with remote control), which is powered directly from the USB socket of the TV.


Outdoor applications

In addition to the WIFI version, the SMART + FLEX OUTDOOR MULTICOLOR strips are also available in BLUETOOTH and ZIGBEE technology: also ideal for outdoor applications such as in the garden. The LED strips accentuate the highlights and emit a pleasant homogeneous light, making your outdoor space spectacular and unique. The extreme ease of use and application of this product allows you to design the lighting project suitable for any style. You can vary from still light to multicolor, via app or smart speaker while lying comfortably on the outdoor furniture. Cold light to illuminate your home and make it safer and more visible, or warm light to create a welcoming and convivial atmosphere, for example for an outdoor party or for a family or friends reunion. And, of course, adjust the intensity to always create the perfect lighting scenario. The NEON DIGITAL FLEX MULTICOLOR strips can also be used to play with the reflections of light on the water and create a magical and relaxing setting with the simple touch of the remote control, without the need for any connection.



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