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With MACO everything moves to quality castors

7 June 2022

Since 1955 MACO, leader in furniture fittings, designs and produces castors Made in Italy by using high quality materials which are destinated to piece of furniture such as chairs, tables, desks, armchairs, carts, beds, dressers and any other use. Reliable and safe castors to move around in houses or offices whenever they are needed.

According to MACO it is very important that every castor complies high quality standards for rotating, sliding, twirling, braking and supporting a weight for a long time but, in the meantime, MACO looks for a design which can perfectly integrate the place where they are used for.

As a real specialist MACO manufactures a wide and high quality range of castors: for smooth or rough floors, even for parquet, all of them available with different diameters and pins, some also with brake. Among all castors visible on the MACO website there are items like 0581, 0582, 0583, 0584 diameter 60 mm, very modern and versatile till a capacity till 60 kgs. Or items 0586, 0587, 0588, 0589 diameter 80 mm and capacity till 60 kgs which are more indicated for big piece of furniture like beds which need a higher distance from the floor.

Thanks to their technical and aesthetic features, all MACO’s castors received full acclaim from the market of the furnishing fittings thus confirming the Brianza-based company as an international leader able to add quality to every design with Made in Italy hardware and furniture fittings.

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