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Your lighting into the world of IoT

21 September 2020

OMNI is a hardware, software and service system designed for lamp manufacturers, created to manage light including by voice commands in a totally innovative way.


Today, when we talk about the Internet of Things, we’re talking about a world of interconnected objects that are also connected to the internet, with tremendous potential for lighting manufacturers.

The IOT is progressing in great strides in a range of different spheres of application: from smart cities to home automation, from artificial intelligence to smart speakers. This is a trend that’s growing fast, and is expected to reach 36 million homes in Europe by 2024, with a turnover estimated at 4,272 million Euros in 2020 alone. 30% of users already use Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to control their lighting and heating.

The OMNI system by Iot-Light allows lighting manufacturers to enter this market in the easiest, simplest way possible, and to take advantage of the incredible possibilities for data acquisition and enhanced business opportunities.



OMNI uses the Wi-Fi protocol to connect wirelessly to networks and communicate with voice assistants because, unlike other protocols such as ZigBee, it is already compatible with all the various smart speakers on which Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are installed.

This ensures the maximum compatibility and flexibility of your lamps with OMNI dimmers, which are able to communicate with both assistants, whether they are installed in early smart speaker models or in those holding the very latest developments.



Based on standard dimmers, the OMNI system retains the performance and features developed through years of research. It is the only voice-activated Wi-Fi dimmer to offer three different ways of controlling lighting: voice, app or the classic button.

You can control your devices manually or choose to control everything by Voice Commands through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Your Client can manage your lamp in the way they prefer, at any time, simply by switching between methods. Indeed, the system is always synchronized and ready to use, whatever control method is chosen. No matter where you are – at home, travelling or at work – you can control the system remotely, in real time. That’s the beauty of the IOT.



The Wi-Fi protocol used allows the manufacturer to acquire usage data and the digital transformation has taught us that data is a very valuable source of information. Having measurable parameters allows us to evaluate theories and hypotheses on a concrete basis and to create products that respond ever better to customer needs, optimizing the choice of internal components according to actual use.

With OMNI by Iot-Light you can collect data on the use of your lamp in order to develop other products that are specifically built according to the customers choices, which can be understood by analysing the answers to questions such as how long do they keep the lamp on, with what light intensity, what types of control do they prefer to use, do they set predefined scenes?. OMNI uses a high performance server hosted on Amazon AWS, for an exclusive access to all the data. Furthermore, all data exchanges are protected by HyperText Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer (HTTPS and SSL) which guarantees extremely secure communications.



Both the hardware and software components of OMNI by Iot-Light can be customised and installed on the new lamps you’re designing, or integrated into products you already have in-store, simply by adding the Wi-Fi module on a pre-existing compatible dimmer or connecting a Wi-Fi dimmer outside of the lamp. In both cases, this can be done in a short space of time: in just a few days for standard dimmers controlled by the Iot-Light app, and in approximately three months for models with a fully-customised dimmer and app.



Iot-Light has this covered: for ease of use, the Wi-Fi device can be connected to the internet via Bluetooth, even for installations using multiple lamps. Once the first dimmer has been configured, OMNI recognises the other available elements and suggests a modular configuration, with a considerable reduction in installation time.

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