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A lighting project for indoors and outdoors

6 May 2021

Buzzi & Buzzi illuminates Vista Vision, Milan


Buzzi & Buzzi, a leading Lombard company in the lighting sector, worked on the lighting project for Vista Vision Eye Clinic in Milan, engineered by DESIDERIO10ARCHITETTURA in collaboration with Arch. Elena Simonetti. In a mix of extraordinary luminous accents, functional but impactful, Buzzi & Buzzi highlights all the expertise and efficiency of its lighting solutions. A clever blend of minimal design and cutting-edge performance confirms the company as one of the leaders of the industry. Buzzi & Buzzi chooses ad hoc lighting products to draw lighting paths, enhance the architectural design of the clinic and make the environments liveable for those who visit and work in them. Among the devices that are part of the project, some news and other products, already known, turn on the contemporary atmosphere of the building characterized by up-to-date forms.

Let’s start with the outdoor lighting: the luminous protagonist is S1, one of the products of the new Iron Line collection. S1 is a functional and compact adjustable steel projector, used in this case to make the façades of the clinic a scenic element. S1, for surface installations through a rod, can find the right position and inclination thanks to the possibility of rotation on the horizontal axis of about 360°. With an aluminium body that is perfectly suited for outdoor use, the product with a punctiform lighting effect blends discreetly, linearly and elegantly into the setting, matching the facetted architectural elements.

For lighting dedicated to interiors, the first among all is Genius: discreet and elegant, this luminous dot can be installed on plasterboard or brick ceiling, emitting a powerful beam from an emission hole of just 20mm, which disappears when the product is switched off. The electrical part is removed directly from the light hole with a simple hand gesture, thanks to the exclusive push-pull mechanism that facilitates the eventual extraction and replacement of the LED source in case of maintenance. But that’s not all: Genius, made in AirCoral®, the brand’s flagship material, purifies the air and makes the environment in which it is placed healthier. The air in the clinic is made cleaner, reducing the noxious effect of the main polluting agents, while the product exerts its purifying action even in absence of light.

Another top product of the Buzzi & Buzzi range, which lends its lighting capacities to the location, is Eggy. A totally disappearing AirCoral® recessed product with LED technology for installation in plasterboard or brick ceiling, it is aligned with the contemporary atmosphere of Vista Vision. This way, a discreet, enveloping and well-distributed lighting is born, while the oval shape of the luminaire creates a visual suggestion. The particular conformation of the emission hole creates an asymmetrical light beam, while the 80 mm recessed light source hides itself, reducing the glare effect. Also for Eggy, the push-pull mechanics allow to remove the electrical part and to have a product without visible screws and springs for the LED source fixing.

To enrich the walls with a three-dimensional presence on the surface, there is Pipedo Open: characterized by a clean and linear design, able to generate a diffused and pleasant light, it transforms easily into a decorative element. Made of AirCoral®, it improves air quality, showing quality and durability. Rhino, a recessed product for plasterboard or brick ceiling or wall installation, lends its versatility and functionality to the environment, creating a precise and full spot beam from the Ø 50 hole. Adjustable 360° on the vertical axis and 90° on the horizontal axis, it fully customizes the project. The product is made of Coral®, another of the brand’s material, composed of natural minerals and aggregating elements that make the luminaires extremely resistant to high temperatures and thermal shocks. Suitable for customization with any type of paint, Coral® is also characterized by the absence of expansion, eliminating the risk of cracking.

Basic Round, able to surprise even more with its pure and simple lines characterized by quintessential geometric shapes, the circle, contributes to the harmony of the spaces. The light emitted by the 20 mm recessed LED source enhances the situation. This totally disappearing recessed luminaire in Coral® for plasterboard and brick ceiling installation satisfies any design need and enhances surfaces on which it is installed naturally. Last but not least, Taurus. Compact yet efficient, the double projector with extractable spotlight gives precise and elegant light, highlighting every indoor detail. Extremely versatile thanks to the adjustability and interchangeability of the lenses, it created an atmosphere of sharp lighting. Easily adjustable through 360° on the vertical axis and 90° on the horizontal axis, with its minimalist design, it is the ideal solution for discreetly illuminating rooms.

The result is a new lighting concept that combines design, performance and know-how in the most efficient, functional and aesthetically recognisable way possible.

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