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AlbaComponents presents Unyo and Modula in 2022, two innovative products

8 June 2022

The new furnishing products for a new chapter of the company seated close to Treviso, Italy


2022 rich in novelties for AlbaComponents: an extensive technological reorganization, an automated warehouse, and two new products that represent the adoption of styling and production choices which are highly innovative with respect to the traditions of the brand.

The first of these is Unyo, a family of seats offering infinite possibilities and myriad solutions of shape, combination and style. Modularity and versatility are Unyo’s signature hallmarks, with the product available in a selection of forms: a single armchair, 2-seater sofa, 2-seater bench and modular. The modular version of Unyo epitomises the essence of this new project, providing an outstanding degree of customization of different configurations. In fact, thanks to the special AlbaComponents patented, it’s possible to join different types of modules together, allowing linear, angular and curved compositions to be obtained with ease. The result is that Unyo can be assembled to create different, original and unique furniture pieces every time, making it perfect for multiple applications, including waiting rooms, common areas of hotels, living rooms, domestic lounges, shop reception areas and large spaces within museums. Unyo frames are available in black, chrome, silver and beige finishes. The support foot is in transparent polycarbonate: a refined detail that visually lends a lighter, sleeker look to the finished structure. The innovative joints featured on the modular frames are produced in plastic and allow for easy assembly for any customized solution. All fixing screws used on the joints are hidden: a small detail but one which further enhance the look of Unyo, lending it a cleaner and more linear form. AlbaComponents has also put much thought into the end-of-life aspects of the product, by rationalizing the number of materials used, thus simplifying product management and reducing its environmental impact. In particular, the polyurethanes used for Unyo contain no internal iron structure, thus making them easy to dispose of and recycle.

But the company’s drive to expand its collection and develop innovative new products doesn’t stop at Unyo, as they’ve also unveiled Modula: a furnishing system that’s both a modern bookcase as well as a highly functional adjustable shelving system. The heart of Modula features 2 main elements: its uprights, and the innovative supports for the shelves. The uprights are available in both ceiling- and wall-mountable versions. The ceiling-mount uprights feature practical adjustable feet, while the aluminium wall-mount uprights are available in two different lengths. Modula is available in two colours: black and white. The shelf supports are the stand-out innovation of Modula. Designed, manufactured and patented by AlbaComponents, the shelf supports allow shelves to be positioned freely along the entire height of the uprights. Thanks to the ease which they can be attached, shelf supports allow shelves to be added or removed independently from one another, and shelves can be set to 3 different angles. Modula’s versatility thus makes it perfect for numerous applications in office and home environments: we’re thinking of anything from furnishing a private studio to any type retail outlet, including clothing, accessories, food and beauty care. The uprights are also designed to accommodate an LED light strip within an opal plexiglas housing.

Unyo and Modula represent the “the new entries” for the company and go to complement the other highly innovative elements within AlbaComponents’ product offering. The strong high-tech DNA of this Veneto-based company is strongly evident, and also the use of digital tools and platforms features increasingly prominently in its communications strategy. A clear example of this is AlbaExpe, the company’s new virtual tour experience accessible from both PCs and mobile devices, which allows users to move around in 3D environments furnished with the company’s latest products. An interactive, fully immersive and constantly up-to-date platform, which brings the complete range of Albacomponents furniture solutions to life. The AlbaExpe tool is particularly useful for understanding the essential characteristics of the two new products, their modular flexibility and superb degree of adaptability to diverse environments and different purposes. While the virtual tour takes users into an ideal world imagined by AlbaComponents, the company’s website features a full suite of functional tools for product configuration. The latest product configurators allow users to customize the product they’re interested in, starting from colour selection, then move on to select versions and dimensions of structures and frames, thus providing an ideal tool for creating a perfectly tailored product to meet their specific needs.

Versatility, modularity, practicality and design: these are the values that have always been the hallmarks of AlbaComponents products, and which feature even more strongly in the two new entries unveiled for 2022. At the same time, Unyo and Modula mark a new chapter in the history of AlbaComponents and represent the company’s strategic bet for tomorrow. After two years of extensive renewal, AlbaComponents thus relaunches its business activities, with a rock-solid platform and eyes firmly focussed on the future.

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