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Alessandro Luciani is one of the most eclectic designers in the world of Retail

11 December 2021

The creative partner in the world of design. From the family business to international awards, a story full of emotions, vitality and innovation


Alessandro Luciani is one of the most eclectic Italian and international designers specialized in the world of Retail. He defines himself as “designer of human experiences” and in fact his extraordinary personal history and origins, which have influenced his design approach, play a fundamental role in the choices of his professional career. Inspired by a strong desire to go beyond the boundaries of the ordinary, he brings to his projects an innovative, anthropocentric vision, oriented towards sensory engagement and the creation of new experiences, contributing to individual wellbeing, creating a strong emotional bond between the setting, the product, the client and the brand.

Alessandro Luciani was born in a family with a history of over one hundred years in commerce, where innovation and quality have always been the strong points and where he has been able to capture all the dynamics. He has an original path that starts many years ago and it is rich of strong passions and interests, ranging from sport to music, fashion and technology. As a teenager he had a passion for designing and producing clothes and furnishing objects, and at the same time he was able to assemble discarded electronic components to create functional objects.

It all began in 1993, when Alessandro Luciani decided to redesign and renovate the shop, transforming it into a completely new environment, where design, innovation and creative flair supported the real protagonists: the products displayed. At the age of 35, Alessandro Luciani, who was limited within the confines of his shop, decided to start again from the bottom in search of the same passion that he had previously left. On the strength of his natural talent and the success of his furnishings, which he began to sell, he managed to transform his innate passion for design, creativity and fashion into a profession that has led him to combine the practical and functional side of the shop with the creative side, reaching nowadays exceptional goals.



In 2011 Alessandro Luciani was selected by Pirelli Tyre, which, in the period after its debut in Formula 1, had started a brand awareness operation with the creation of a new concept to be realized for their main customers, through a design competition in which Luciani participated and he was the winner. Since then, Alessandro Luciani has received many important awards and now has more than 25 national and international Retail Design awards, including the American “International Store Design Awards” for Huawei’s first European Experience Store and the prestigious “International Design Competition” “Best of the Best” Class 2020 award from the Retail Design Institute USA for the “Spazio Lenovo” project recently created in Milan, in the central Corso Matteotti.

From the analysis of new Retail Concepts to the Interior Design and Creative Direction, Alessandro Luciani develops new spaces and creates new human and sales experiences, focused on the concept of multisensory, Omni channel and well-being. The most important feature is to create projects that bring innovation, convey emotions and look to the future, original on the market as the one for the Parafarmacia Dr.Fleming in Milan, a project in 2013 that went beyond all limits, breaking down barriers such as traditional pharmacy counters, introducing technological innovation and rewriting the rules of the new relationship between Brand, Customer, Product and Environment. Thanks to a process of virtuous contamination between different worlds, passions and contexts, Alessandro Luciani’s design approach to Retail Concept, Store Design and Interior Design is in continuous evolution. His curiosity and expertise take him into a vortex of new ideas and projects that expand into the world of Product Design.

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