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ALONE light bulbs collection: light, shape, emotion

17 April 2023

By DayLight Italia, Consuline Architetti Associati


For the first time at Milan Design Week, DayLight Italia presents a new collection of luminous objects: ALONE, the revolutionary family of emotional bulbs. DayLight Italia was born in 2013 from the idea of a group of companies and visionary Italian professionals in the lighting sector. Since then, it has been designing, producing and distributing new-concept light bulbs worldwide for innumerable forms of contemporary living.

Not only high-performance light sources but design objects with a revolutionary concept, a synthesis of cutting-edge technologies, elegant design and attention to the sensory aspects of light, created to relax, entertain, communicate positive emotions and ensure high energy savings. After 10 years of growth and objectives pursued with commitment and passion, recognized and appreciated by the growing international market, DayLight Italia inaugurates a new chapter in its history, giving a complete form to an unprecedented path where to be a protagonist.

But what is the ambitious goal that animates DayLight Italia research? The concept of a perfect light bulb: an emotional, essential, pleasant and technologically advanced light bulb containing all the components of a lamp.


ALONE: the concept

The idea for this collection was born from the lucky meeting of DayLight Italia‘s experience in designing and creating innovative light bulbs, with Consuline Architetti Associati (Francesco Iannone + Serena Tellini) having the visionary ability to give the light a shape and expressiveness. It all starts with the light bulb. An iconic, universal and democratic object that still today never ceases to tickle the imagination for its symbolic charm and the characterizing essential shape so close to the aesthetic canons of the contemporary.

The 5 luminous creations that make up the ALONE collection summarize the stages of DayLight Italia’s journey towards the concept of the perfect light bulb, almost an ideal of perfection that has encouraged the development of lighting systems never envisioned before and the search for particular glass processes and finishes to multiply the possibilities of expressing and perceive light.

ALONE 1 is the first collection presented at Fuorisalone 2023. Among the 5 creations, there is – in an absolute preview – the SATELLITE light bulb, a project destined to open new horizons in the lighting sector. SATELLITE is a LED bulb with an adjustable light beam equipped with a simple and ingenious magnetic mechanism, making it possible to control the reflector inside the glass bulb from the outside, thus directing the light beam where it is needed. Thanks to this intuition, the bulb is suitable for uses that require a “customized” light to indulge the moment or illuminate objects with delicate light or shadow effects on the surfaces in a flexible, playful and effective way. It is perfect for illuminating desks, bedside tables and ambient lighting. The high CRI also allows an extraordinary definition of the colours in the environment.


Transparent glass LED bulb with painted PVC base

diam 12.5 cm × h 17.3 cm, 5W, 2700K, CRI 97, flux 470 lm, dimmable.

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