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Arena Luci presents Al Tracklight

20 October 2023

A track spotlight equipped with artificial intelligence and double sensor, colour and presence reading


Arena Intelligence, the new series of luminaires developed by Arena Luci, focused on lighting solutions with artificial intelligence, offers a preview of AI Tracklight. It is a track spotlight with double sensors, one for presence and one for colour recognition, based on artificial intelligence that combines countless functions in a single product. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the best shade of light is automatically determined to enhance the objects highlighted in front of the sensor based on the detected colour.

The presence sensor can also collect and analyse customers’ purchasing behaviours and preferences, providing, in real-time, all the numbers necessary to improve any strategy related to visual merchandising. Furthermore, it is possible to adjust the operational efficiency of AI Tracklight to optimize its energy consumption. The app allows optimal management of product lighting to improve visual effects and boost sales opportunities. Physical stores can exploit the data stored in the platform to make the proper decisions and refine the customer experience.


The main advantages of AI Tracklight


  • Improve customer experience: the AI spotlight creates a more engaging and pleasant atmosphere within the premises. In a shop, the light shade light can vary based on the object’s detected colour and best enhance it.
  • Improve energy efficiency: can adjust lighting levels based on the presence or absence of customers in different areas of the store. That saves you money by reducing energy consumption.
  • Improve marketing activities: the presence sensor of the AI spotlight can track the number of people detected near the object and determine the time and length of stay to establish the level of satisfaction.


Thanks to its simplicity of installation and its potential, AI Tracklight is suitable for countless areas of use:

  • Furniture and furnishing shops: It is suitable for illuminating furniture and furnishing components, creating more emotional atmospheres. With the data collected, it is possible to implement even more effective and targeted visual marketing strategies.
  • Car dealers: Improve the display of cars by enhancing their colours and details. Furthermore, its use allows us to study customer behaviour concerning the product in more detail.
  • Fashion shops and boutiques: Enhance the clothing and accessories on display. Furthermore – by exploiting the presence sensor – it will be possible to collect precious data to study customer behaviour.
  • Ceramics, minerals and stones: Further improve the lighting, highlighting the shine, transparency, properties and vibrancy of these materials.
  • Art galleries, museums and churches: Ensures that the works of art’s texture and colour are perfectly illuminated, enhancing them at most.
  • Supermarkets and grocery stores: Used in supermarkets and grocery stores, it improves the appearance of food by highlighting its colour to attract the customer.
  • Trade fairs and exhibitions: Allows you to analyse the visitors’ traffic flows – and the heat map of the stand – to understand which area has aroused the higher interest and optimising the lighting of the products on display.


Adaptive light spectrum

A colour detection system and high colour rendering: AI Tracklight uses a revolutionary lighting technology that uses artificial intelligence to obtain an adaptive light spectrum based on the product category and automatically detected colours. The internal algorithm activates the lighting system, generating the best light spectrum to best enhance the product, improving the customer’s visual experience.

AI Tracklight, starting from a 3000K warm white LED, adds RGB chromatic components to the emission spectrum to simulate colour temperatures covering the 2700K-6500K range as established by its algorithm. 304 different shades are available, each indicated for a particular product category and for a specific colour. The colour coordinates move in the colour space to enhance the colour rendering index required by the goods and the colour in front of the sensor.

An aid to the business in addition to lighting, improving the sales strategy thanks to the data collected by the dedicated sensor: The presence sensor allows you to monitor how many people stop in front of the shop window – or certain products – analyse behaviour and shopping preferences customer purchases, offering real-time data to structure even more targeted and effective marketing strategies. AI Tracklight, through its sensors, can constantly monitor customer behaviour within your store by collecting real-time data on their interactions and movements. Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence that processes this data, a detailed heat map is created that clearly and intuitively displays the most frequented areas of the store. This tool allows the management to have an immediate and detailed vision of customer behaviour and their preferences within the commercial space. Using this technology, stores can make significant improvements optimizing product layout, evaluating the effectiveness of promotion and marketing strategies, and improving staff management based on customer flow. They can even dynamically adjust the lighting in the most frequented areas to ensure maximum comfort and involvement of customers. AI Tracklight is also able to detect the presence or absence of customers by automatically adjusting the intensity of the light. It ensures a bright and comfortable environment when customers are present and saves energy when the store is empty.

This intelligent adaptation ability improves not only energy efficiency but also the overall customer experience in the store.


Arena Luci

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