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Aurora by Italamp: the perfect synthesis of colour, geometry and emotion

22 December 2023

Design Virginia Cei


Since 1975 ITALAMP – a historic company in the Made in Italy lighting sector – interprets light in an original way guided by a particular sensitivity to new trends expressed in a wide diversified range, in which the elements of the tradition contaminate the most contemporary creations. In design, the brand pays more and more attention to lighting proposals that interpret environments with personality. Homes are the spaces in which personal expression takes shape through furnishing choices, whose comfort and well-being are linked precisely to the concept of recognizing oneself in the places of everyday life. Light thus becomes an essential element to create atmospheres to excite and convey calm and serenity of life in all destinations, both residential and Contract.

With that in mind, Aurora – designed by Virginia Cei – was born a complete family of colourful design lamps with perfectly balanced geometries. In a harmonious dialogue, the shapes of the sphere and the hemisphere give life to an eclectic and stylistically playful proposal, which expresses the spirit of our time and the desire for increasingly welcoming spaces. Its name alludes to the light that appears in the sky just before sunrise – a moment much loved by the designer – and anticipates the concept of the project. The collection combines pure and minimal shapes with a colour palette inspired by the colours of the first Italian industry: Bianco Antico, Giallo Alba, Baby Blue, Baby Pink and Cappuccino. The result is a lively solution with a seductive retro allure that knows how to dialogue with the most diverse furnishing choices. The Aurora family is available in all versions – floor, table, ceiling, pendant and wall – to meet the lighting needs in living and sleeping environments with warm and soft light. Essential lines of the metal structure feature a central sphere in a brushed light gold finish that supports, in a perfect balance, the coloured lampshade and the white glass diffuser in a sophisticated play of light and shadow.

“Inspiration hides in everything: in books, in objects, in new places and those dearest to us, in people and, above all, in nature. Aurora was born from a gaze turned to the sky, a continuous source of inspiration and an element of connection with the universe. The exciting shades of sunset and sunrise are thus enclosed in a series of lamps with cheerful colours and great personality, in perfect Italamp style.” Virgina Cei tells us. “The products I sign tell of emotions, experiences, of a life that I have decided to live to the fullest, starting from what I am most passionate about. I wanted to translate the emotion that anticipates each new day and the infinite possibilities we have in front of us. Emily Dickinson wrote: “Due to all is the morning, the night to some. The light of the dawn to a select few”. I believe that the dawn is for everyone, in a suspended time, to decide what colour to paint it”.


Founded in 1975, Italamp has built its reputation in the lighting sector by distinguishing itself for an eclectic proposal of elements with a classic and contemporary design and sometimes the result of collaborations with international designers. Italamp develops and manufactures its products entirely in Italy, which stands out for its strong personality and for the use of artisanal techniques that guarantee the highest quality and uniqueness to each creation.



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