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Cobofra, constant growth

18 June 2024

A policy of infrastructural expansion to face an increasingly fast and competitive market, providing precise, adequate and concrete answers


The relevant and constant growth of Cobofra in recent years has led the owners to define a policy of infrastructural expansion, with the expansion of the production units of the headquarters based in Legnaro (PD). The intervention, which sees the development of a third wing of the plant, soon to be completed, will allow the management of all the group’s production in the best possible way: 7000 square meters of surface area developed on two floors between production departments, technical and management departments, dedicated to the four sectors (controllers, inverters, cabling and lighting). An increase in plants to guarantee a service and respond to an increasingly high demand. Therefore, the industrial area will expand the production areas for electrical cables, strips and LED profiles, sectors that keep flourishing and are constantly updating. Research on “solid light” is a continuous work in progress towards technologically advanced solutions increasingly compatible with man, the built environment and nature.

Moreover, Cobofra focuses on the sustainable circularity of production, after-sales service and recovery/recycling of the precious materials that make up the products in the catalogue. Research on phosphors and the miniaturization of components are the new frontiers of the group’s products, together with implementing the Giada System management system, increasingly advanced and high-performance for intelligent light management.

The architectural expansion will have almost no impact on production and allow the technological infrastructures to be better organized to meet customers’ needs and give rise to the numerous inputs received in recent years. These include the need to have level 5.0 operational, storage and assembly spaces in the company. That will mean producing using the latest-generation technologies but also including all the socio-environmental problems generated by the fourth industrial revolution. Industry 5.0 can identify a “completion of Industry 4.0“. Industry 5.0 is the so-called Collaborative Industry, i.e. a business model characterized by human-machine cooperation to give added value to production by creating customized products meeting the needs of consumers and the environment. That is a natural evolution of Industry 4.0, based on increasingly powerful 4.0 technologies development, particularly in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), Artificial Intelligence and robotics.

Therefore, looking at these developments, Cobofra is preparing to face a market that is now faster and more competitive, providing increasingly precise, adequate and concrete answers.



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