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Davide Groppi Spazio Esperienze, Porto

1 December 2023

Davide Groppi’s light reaches Portugal


Davide Groppi’s light expands to Portugal with the opening of the new Spazio Esperienze Porto. A new position, a new scenario, a new story, in addition to Spazio Esperienze in Milano, Piacenza, Bologna, Verona, Mallorca, Parma, and Seoul. A luminous story that now lands in Porto with the idea further to extend itself, as light does, in national and international contexts.

Essence, Space, Light. These are the three words to define the mindset, the idea of Davide Groppi. A simple idea even if nothing is more complex than simplicity. For that reason, Davide Groppi created a defined and vibrant space to tell this idea: the “Spazio Esperienze”.

Spazio Esperienze is the place where Davide Groppi exhibit the outcome of his work, the culmination of his vision of light. It is a place where we he tells his stories, explains how his projects came about, showing ingenuity and imagination, passion and organisation, heart and mind.

Spazio Esperienze has been inspired by two different but complementary schools: Scandinavian and Japanese. Davide Groppi’s lamps resonate with Northern European design, an example from which he takes inspiration from to create a unique and recognisable style in a fresh, functional, clear and linear manner. Furthermore, there is an essential quality that recalls Japanese culture, which shares with Northern European culture the mystique of purity, the ability to work from the essential character of things and to remove rather than add.

Davide Groppi’s works share with these diverse cultures the constant search for a delicate light, that reveals itself only after wondering where it comes. It is precisely from this path of synthesis that the amazement, the magic, the emotion, the surprise come. In his Spazio Esperienze Davide Groppi wants to provide the visitors with an unforgettable experience, something intense and intimate to light up their dreams, and give them a reason to return.


Spazio Esperienze Porto




Davide Groppi

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