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Daylight: Light, Form, Emotion

15 September 2023

Alone1 collection presented at MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2023


“Determination and passion allow us to face new challenges always with the usual enthusiasm”, explains Ivan Pravettoni, founding member of Daylight.

“The future will see many innovations take shape and be showcased at upcoming events. The enthusiasm of seeing our ideas come to life fills us with energy like children”, concludes Giada, co-founder.


Daylight presents the Satellite Project

Anticipated at the recent Fuori Salone and assisted by the expertise of the CONSULINE studio, Daylight concretely shows the result of its new concept, “Light, Form, Emotion”. With the Satellite bulb, the company located in Pero, on the outskirts of Milan, gives shape to light with a simple gesture. Therefore, we can shape the light according to our desires, and thanks to an external magnet, we can move a reflector and precisely adjust the lighting angle in an intuitive way. It is like having a personalized light at hand, ready to adapt to our needs, creating different atmospheres at all times, giving a touch of warmth to the space.

Using Satellite, it is possible to push the lighting experience to a higher level and discover how light can adapt to the creativity of each of us.

It is, therefore, a revolutionary light bulb destined to open new horizons in the lighting engineering field. Satellite is an LED bulb with an adjustable light beam equipped with a simple and ingenious magnetic mechanism that makes it possible to direct the reflector inside the glass bulb from the outside, directing its beam where it is needed. Thanks to this intuition, the bulb also lends itself to uses that require “personalized” light to suit the moment or illuminate objects with delicate light/shadow effects on surfaces in a flexible, playful and effective way. It is perfect for illuminating desks and bedside tables and for lighting environments.

The high CRI allows an extraordinary definition of the colours of the environment.



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