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Decor Leader, authentic Made In Italy edge tailoring

16 October 2023

Decor Leader, a reference company in Italy and Europe for digital printing edge-banding systems, has taken a further decisive step in its ten-year history. It is making significant investments, moving all production to a new industrial complex of 6,000 sqm, suited to new challenges and market developments. The company rebranding was necessary to convey a new vision and the impression of being a consolidated reality on the market, and after that came the decision to take the decisive step.

“We decided to make this investment to continue pursuing the necessary dimensional growth to continue offering our customers high standards of quality and service,” explains Daniele Martelloni, Founding Partner. “In the new building, we will have all the departments redesigned according to the most modern work progress techniques to reduce downtime to a minimum. Thanks to the new layout, we hope to increase our production by 10% and improve the order processing performance for our customers. Our digital systems will be at the centre of the project, with the idea of further implementing this technology in the 2023/2024 development; after all, now our strong point is the ability to sew a tailor-made suit for our customers, abandoning the old, now outdated logic of proposing edges with non-certified colours and features.”

Every day, 4 new decorations emerge from the sampling department, complete imitations including the necessary surface embossing for a high-level touch with an unmistakable material effect.

“This has allowed us to gain credibility with the major Italian and European supply manufacturers, aware of being an exceptional partner. Thanks to our 50 finishes, the use of top-of-the-range materials for quality and performance and the unmistakable ability to digitize the surfaces and make the edges completely homogeneous, we can help the customer increase the perceived value of the product”, concludes Filippo Ciamaglia, Co-founding partner and head of the Digital and Prototyping department of Decor Leader.

“Having developed our important internal know-how has allowed us to build a laboratory with the same principles as the production machinery, but with smaller dimensions, to create a sample identical to the final product, without having to find empirical measures as it was before. The department has 3 people who work daily on the files and convert them to put the jumbo rolls into production. To date, almost 4,000 essences are reproduced on the systems. Regarding the market, Decor Leader is pushing hard on Italian partnerships with laminate producers and the most relevant players in the furniture sector. As regards the internationalization of the company, it is enough to remember the participation at the interzum Cologne Fair, at the INDEX Riyadh in Saudi Arabia in September 2023, where the company received great appreciation for the quality of its products, and at the upcoming SICAM Pordenone”.

In the last two years, the markets Decor Leader has paid the most attention to are those in Northern Europe – where it is present with an Export Manager, and in the Gulf where it has support offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Of course, all that without disregarding the internal market, where a renewed sales network managing every request.

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