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Disano and the smart lighting solutions

10 September 2020

Italy begins to reopen after the lockdown, also because we can’t stop forever. Now more than ever, Italy needs to focus on the characteristics that have always distinguished it throughout history, such as creativity, inventiveness, know-how and, of course, beauty.

Certainly, a different scenario has opened up, but the Bel Paese will once again surprise us and take this moment to proudly reaffirm its unique Made-in-Italy quality, both within the nation and in the world. For Italian companies like Disano, there will be many challenges to face and overcome. The needs of manufacturers must find a meeting point with the need to protect the health and safety of workers. Shifts and working methods must be reorganized to distance workstations and differentiate the presence in offices and production departments.

Lighting, too, plays an important role thanks to new smart management solutions.

With the new technology, lighting systems become much more flexible and can be used with maximum efficiency through customized modes. Light can be dimmed according to time of the day, room occupancy, amount of light required in each area and any occasion. Disano illuminazione provides the industrial sector and workplaces with lighting solutions that combine quality fixtures with the possibility to use the best lighting management solutions to achieve maximum flexibility and efficiency. The vast range of available solutions can meet any request from small offices, large manufacturing departments and logistics centres. It is possible to choose from a wide variety of simple systems that do not require additional wiring, as well as wireless systems, or even more complex architectures for large areas in industrial or tertiary spaces.

With basic solutions, where sensors are mounted directly on the luminaires without the need for further wiring, it is possible to set presence detectors to switch lights on only when needed, with the possibility to adjust the scan area, the twilight value and the time during which the lights must stay on even when nobody is in the room.

An intermediate solution uses the PushDIM (or SwitchDIM) technology to control lights with the simple push of a button. On, off and dimming control are easier and it is also possible to automatically synchronize all the system’s light points.

Thanks to advanced solutions, like the basicDIM wireless technology, lights can be controlled remotely via an app or user interface. Bluetooth connection allows easy and simple control of up to 250 light points.

With the DISMART wireless industrial remote-control solution, it is possible to manage large interior lighting systems, adjusting the brightness of the light emitted by the fixtures according to environmental and design parameters. The system changes the level of artificial lighting on a constant basis to adjust luminaires according to the amount of daylight outside the windows. Disano also developed the DISMART app available for free download in stores to allow complete control of the entire system.

With the Disano ActiveAhead there’s no need to program parameters, because the system learns by itself. Fixtures communicate wirelessly and lights are controlled directly by the sensors that read movement, the amount of daylight outside and other parameters that can be programmed from the app. Over time, the system “learns” to predict lighting patterns enabling the fixtures to react “one step beyond” the person walking in the room.

For larger, more complex systems, Disano proposes solutions that are even more advanced, which incorporate a technology that allows creating a system of functional groups dedicated to the control of independent zones inside a space, such as for example, transit areas, manufacturing sites and storage rooms.

For tertiary sector buildings, including offices, classrooms, open spaces and other community areas, Disano offers systems that allow controlling the lights of independent zones through sensors and manual controls, which can be supervised using centralized control software.

Lastly, for the management of lights during sports events and shows, Disano adopts the innovative DMX (Digital MultipleX) technology that is currently being used in the most prestigious arenas. In this case, the lighting system is controlled from a central console that allows creating amazing plays of light and constantly different scenes to increase the excitement of the event.

A wide range of smart lighting solutions to choose from in order to start again and be ready to overcome the new challenges of the future with efficiency and productivity.

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