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Domus Line has once again chosen to stand out

28 June 2022

On the linear LED luminaire market characterized by plentiful offering and multi-purpose application proposals


Domus Line is focusing on product quality for the furniture and interior design sector, by studying, designing and industrialising dedicated, easy-to-install solutions, created for each specific application.


FYNN, a new LED micro profile with rear optics

The characterising feature of FYNN is its minimalist design that ensures that each luminaire can integrate perfectly into the furnishing elements. The profile, with asymmetric light projection tilted at a 20° angle inside or outside the cabinet, is designed for recessed installation flush with the panel under shelves or on the sides of the furniture. Its particular shape, marked with two co-extruded micro protrusions in a white or black finish, means that the focal point of the light source can be pushed back, reducing the dazzle effect. The ends are designed to ensure the centring of the light source and its correct positioning to facilitate the cable outlet, radial or axial to the installation surface.

FYNN is ideal for installation in wardrobes in a blind groove or through-milled groove 6.5 mm wide and 8 mm deep. It integrates a flexible sliding module with 238 LED/metre without adhesive base and replaceable, in shades neutral white 4000 K and warm white 2700 K, and consumes just 10W/m with 24V power supply. The performance of the luminaire is perfectly in line with the expected illuminance and projection levels demanded by the market and users for wardrobe lighting. FYNN is supplied “to measure and to the millimetre” with a LED profile customisation service even for small batches and with extremely rapid delivery times, responding promptly and flexibly to the demands of both industry and distributor partners.


HIDDI, small and versatile, for lighting drawers and pull-out baskets

Blending functionality with minimum dimensions; these are the underlying elements of the HIDDI project, a small LED luminaire designed by Domus Line for lighting cabinets, particularly those with pull-out elements. Just 2 cm wide and protruding 1.5 cm, HIDDI is compatible with any type of container unit, and its compact, discreet size means it can be installed even in units with pull-out baskets and drawers of any size, both in the kitchen, the living room or in chests of drawers in wardrobes.

The 180° “full light” diffuser, along with the high-performing LED cluster, perfectly lights the compartment, integrating the luminaire into any furniture frame, thanks to its neutral colour. HIDDI integrates an infra-red sensor to switch the luminaire on and off automatically when the drawer or basket is opened or closed. The power cord can be disconnected, and is fitting into and hidden by a cable duct with an adhesive base in the same finish that is supplied with the luminaire.

HIDDI is easily installed on the surface with a retractable bracket, which the sliding luminaire fits into, covering the fixing screws. Available with neutral white 3900 K and warm white light 2700 K, it consumes just 3.1W with 24V power supply. It is also available in the D-Motion version, integrating a light source used to select the colour temperature of the luminaire (2700 – 3900 K) simply by activating the sensor integrated into the luminaire.


SUBBY, elegant module with double USB port

The range of accessories accompanying the Domus Line luminaires now includes a new, elegant product for charging electronic consumer goods. SUBBY is a module integrating two USB 5V sockets type A with intelligent recognition and fast charging. Designed for recessed installation – ∅46 mm hole – on wood panels or for surface installation using the support supplied as standard, SUBBY integrates a charging system compatible with smartphones, tablets, game consoles, MP3 players and cameras, able to charge two different devices at the same time.

SUBBY automatically recognises the charge applied according to the number of devices connected and the required power, and automatically calculates the charging speed according to the model and technical characteristics. With a maximum charge applicable of 20W, it ensures rapid charging of a single device up to 4000 mA or two devices up to 2000 mA.

SUBBY is a solution that combines visual appeal with advanced functions, perfectly integrated into any furniture with its minimal design and the two available finishes, touch black and painted steel. SUBBY is ideal for installation under kitchen units, in bed-heads, bookshelves and any furniture unit, offering a handy yet discreet and compact charging point.


Domus Line

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