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Domus Line, the right light at the right time

2 November 2022

Intelligent lighting is destined to make an increasingly strong impact on our lives, similar to the one we experienced with the invention of light sources with light emitting diodes (LED). It is well-known that light impacts our mood, our sleep/wake cycle and is largely responsible for our appreciation of our surroundings. The time of day, what we are doing and the environment are decisive when selecting the right lighting to suit our needs in terms of both quantity and quality.

Domus Line, with the D-MOTION collection, a set of luminaires that enable the user to control brightness and tone of white is offering a new, innovative interpretation of installations in the furnishing and interior design areas. The combination of these two parameters, following the daily circadian rhythm, obtained by specific control systems, is used to control the light sources in relation to the specific environmental conditions where they are installed, and of course the user’s expectations, from higher, colder values to intermediate neutrals and then lower, warm ones. With the modern management systems which use this scientific know-how and control the various components of luminaires in a targeted way, perceptibly heightened levels of concentration and wellness can be guaranteed.

This is why Domus Line has created EASi, a state-of-the-art control system for D-Motion luminaires that combines radio control and special power supplies with an integrated receiving control module. The elegance of EASi DISK, defined by smooth lines and neutral colours that adapt to and blend discreetly and harmoniously with any setting, adds value to the product. The circular shape with rounded edges makes for a particularly ergonomic, safe grip, also thanks to the ring around the radio control that increases the grip and protects it from accidental knocks. With EASi, lighting systems in which EASi DISK can be used to control up to 3 groups of a limited number of EASi DRIVERs can be created. The use of the radio control, with 5 function buttons, is intuitive also thanks to the pre-set programmes that are activated in loop and enable the user to select both the brightness and the colour temperature, either dynamically or in stages.


Furniture lighting becomes increasingly intelligent

In the connectivity and Smart Home areas, we are increasingly encountering completely new horizons when it comes to lighting design applications. This means that, thanks to the D-Motion technology, lighting profiles, architectural luminaires, spotlights and even luminaires integrated in bathroom mirrors, enable the user to control brightness and the tone of the colour white, ensuring a personalised set-up in line with the user’s specific requirements. The luminous flux and colour temperature selection systems can be integrated into the luminaire, external to the device itself for surface-mounted or recessed installations, remote-controlled with remote controls or on one’s own smartphone, and even interfaced with Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice control devices thanks to the DOMUS4U Bluetooth and Wi-Fi apps.

The showpiece of the D-Motion collection is HOLL D-Motion, a LED luminaire with perimeter light source integrated in a support installed in a 12 mm deep blind groove or on the surface. HOLL meets the need to invent an object in which the elements are decomposed and free of constraints, with a modularity that allows many different configurations of an object that can be installed in normal or milled grooves or blind holes, with integrated switch or support for surface installation.

The light is distributed by integrating a perimeter light source in a slim luminaire which, in the “blind hole” configuration, dematerialises, leaving the light to trace the shape of the luminaire on its own. In the D-Motion version, HOLL enables the user to adjust the colour temperature (2700 K or 4000 K) of the individual luminaire and all the HOLL luminaires connected to it with a simple touch, or using the voice, with remote control systems, or in the TDM version, using a touch switch, which remains safe even when in contact with wet hands, allowing the user to switch the luminaire on and off and control its brightness.


In our life at home, very often it’s the accessories that make the difference

Of course, this requirement for more power points (power and USB sockets) in the kitchen today is nothing new, but unfortunately neither is their tendency to be invasive. Often they are space-consuming, not very attractive and usually located anywhere except where they are needed. To offer a valid response to these problems, Domus Line has created UNIKA, a multitasking luminaire that integrates a power socket, a double USB socket and even a multi-function switch in a light source. Inspired by the philosophy of less is more, all this is contained in a 15° tilted cylindrical body with a simple, elegant design, conceived for installation under cabinets or shelves against the back wall.

UNIKA combines a minimal look with advanced functions in a solution that offers both perfect kitchen worktop lighting and electrical sockets, the latter in a 100% safe location, installed under the cabinet or shelf. In this way, the worktop is no longer cluttered with the power cables of the electrical appliances. All the UNIKA models are available in the D-MOTION version, which enables the user to manage the light parameters, by selecting the brightness and colour shade with just a few simple touches.

The luminaires integrate TWIN LED clusters controlled by multifunction systems able to manage the colour temperature with a “stage” selection – 2700 K or 4000 K – and dynamic brightness control (5% – 100%). In the TDM version, UNIKA D-MOTION is configured with a Touch Dimmer switch, which enables the colour temperature to be switched on and off, and selected in stages, and the brightness to be controlled.


Domus Line


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