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Energy efficiency, comfort and sustainability in a resort in the heart of Tuscany

27 June 2024

ADLER Spa Resort THERMAE, energy efficiency, comfort and sustainability in a location that offers unparalleled hospitality. ABB’s smart switches together with the ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager platform enable real-time monitoring of facility consumption, even remotely. Strategies for energy efficiency of resort facilities can be implemented through consumption analysis. 


Adler Thermae Spa & Resort is located in Bagno Vignoni in the Val D’Orcia, Tuscany, a UNESCO World Heritage cultural site. It is in these places that was filmed the movie The English Patient. The hills and vineyards that alternate with golden fields, as well as the characteristic cypress trees, have made this landscape world famous. The waters that flow here have been used since Roman times-as evidenced by numerous archaeological finds.  The waters that flow from Bagno Vignoni gush forth at a temperature of 52° are rich in sulphur compounds and volcanic substances and have healing and purifying effects known since ancient times.

ADLER Thermae Spa Resort is one with the surrounding hilly landscape and offers guests a spa centre spanning 1,000 m² of indoor and outdoor areas. The facility consists of a main building, which overlooks the 36° indoor and outdoor thermal pool, to which are added wings with guest rooms, a restaurant, and a bar with a large panoramic terrace.

The Resort uses a large amount of electricity to power all the services there as Marco Bianchi Energy Manager of ADLER Spa Resort THERMAE pointed out: “The resort needs a lot of energy, and in addition to a medium-voltage supply it also has a co-generator that produces electricity using the heat generated to produce hot water and steam. The utilities are numerous and differentiated, ranging from pumping units to heating elements to ensure the production and distribution of hot water and steam for swimming pools and saunas, to the classic utilities of a large hospitality facility, such as kitchens. Added to this are the electrical distribution in the guest rooms, the lighting system in the common areas, and the power supply for all the equipment used in the Spa.”

The resort has recently completely renewed the low-voltage electrical distribution, entrusting the work to Severini Impianti of Abbadia San Salvatore in the province of Siena, a company that has great experience in the creation of advanced systems for hospitality facilities, was entrusted with the implementation of the systems. For electrical distribution within the resort, a main switchboard made with System Pro E power structures, ABB‘s solution for high-power low-voltage distribution, was installed. Emax 2 and Tmax XT circuit breakers equipped with Ekip Touch releases are installed in the switchboard, which not only provide protection and selectivity, but also enable them to communicate their health parameters, and power, energy and network quality information to the supervisor.   Digitization was also brought to modular deployment through the System Pro M InSite solution.

Gianni Severini, owner of Severini Impianti, describes the implementation of the plant as follows. “Our Company always offers the best available technologies, and for the resort, given the large installed capacity, we proposed an electrical distribution monitoring solution based on ABB AbilityTM Energy and Assets Manager system. Thanks to our experience in implementing complex systems, we know that today it is possible to install monitoring systems that allow us to identify energy efficiency strategies that are particularly valued by customers.”

The field devices installed in the framework constantly talk to the ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager cloud platform through a secure gateway, communicating valuable real-time information on status, wear and tear, energy and network quality and keeping them safe.

Everything was designed to provide maximum comfort for customers, and an ABB solution was also used for lighting. The lighting system was implemented with a KNX protocol bus system with occupancy and brightness sensors. The luminaires are connected to the ABB i-bus  KNX system and enable management and supervision in the different areas of the common parts of the hotel through supervision software. The choice of the plant solution was guided by the best combination of sustainability, well-being for the guests, and efficient control of the systems, and all this was possible thanks to ABB’s solutions and the collaboration between the Severini Impianti company and the facility’s energy manager.

Thanks to the installed system, the resort’s technical staff is able to carry out spot checks on pump motors and all equipment serving the water and steam production systems. Severini Impianti’s technicians, fully trained in the use of the ABB solution, transferred the know-how to the customer to plan maintenance procedures and schedule maintenance operations.



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