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From Wireless to Manual Lighting Control

27 June 2024

Nordic Power Converters Launches Two Versatile Products for LED Lighting


Nordic Power Converters is thrilled to announce two significant additions to its product portfolio: the InviTrack Casambi Gateway and the InviTrack LED Driver with Manual Dimming. Recently showcased at Light + Building 2024 in Frankfurt, these products underscore NPC’s commitment to providing smart, efficient lighting solutions that cater to both advanced wireless control systems and desires for simplistic yet high-quality manual lighting control.


InviTrack Casambi Gateway: Advanced Wireless Lighting Control

The InviTrack Casambi Gateway sets a new standard in lighting control technology, facilitating seamless integration with Casambi wireless systems. This powerful gateway can manage up to 64 DALI devices in up to 8 groups, offering high flexibility and control. Moreover, the gateway simplifies the DALI addressing process, making it easier than ever to configure and customize lighting settings to suit any environment. Being part of the InviTrack family, the InviTrack Casambi gateway is fully integrated into 3-phase track systems from Global, Stucchi, Eutrac, and PowerGear.


Key Features:

  • Integrates smoothly with Casambi wireless systems, offering expansive control over lighting settings.
  • Controls up to 64 DALI devices in up to 8 groups, enabling comprehensive management of diverse lighting environments.
  • Simplifies the DALI addressing process, allowing for easy customization and configuration through the gateway itself.
  • Fits all major European 3-phase track systems


InviTrack LED Driver with Manual Dimming: Where Simplicity Meets Excellence

The InviTrack LED Driver with Manual Dimming delivers uncomplicated and direct manual control. This driver simplifies the process of achieving the ideal lighting ambiance, enabling adjustments that are both immediate and precise without relying on digital controllers. Its straightforward operation makes it an excellent choice for settings where simplicity and tactile responsiveness are paramount. It is an ideal choice for environments like museums and galleries where lighting precision is crucial, but may also find uses in residential or other applications where simple and straightforward lighting control is desired. Finally, the InviTrack LED Driver with Manual Dimming boasts the high-quality performance features of the InviTrack LED driver family, such as a very wide output window, low inrush current, flicker-free light, and smooth dimming capabilities down to 0.1%.


Key Features:

  • Manual dimming functionality for easy, intuitive control over lighting levels.
  • Ideal for settings requiring precise lighting adjustments, enhancing visual experiences without the need for digital devices.
  • Delivers high performance with a wide output window, low inrush current, flicker-free operation, and smooth dimming down to 0.1%.


With these latest product launches, Nordic Power Converters continues to lead in the development of innovative lighting solutions that meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Whether for specialized applications or broader lighting projects, the InviTrack Casambi Gateway and InviTrack LED Driver with Manual Dimming are designed to transform the way lighting is controlled and experienced.



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