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Gi Plast: new offices, new production lines and an optical laboratory

23 October 2021

The transfer started at the end of 2020, maintaining the production continuity without any downtime. From summer 2021, the company has moved to its new 10,000-sqm headquarters, expanding both production and customer service. Thanks to new energy efficiency technologies, Gi Plast has renewed and enlarged a previous construction, creating a modern working space with low environmental impact.

Gi Plast has increased its capacity in the new location by adding 10 new production lines to the 20 existing ones, specially designed for new products such as electrified tracks, flat plates, circular profiles and linear optics. Furthermore, the creation of a particular optical laboratory in which they measure and design profiles having innovative lighting capabilities. Thanks to a darkroom and a photogoniometer in the laboratory, it is now possible to simulate, test and design ad hoc optics.

The new office is a space in which the Gi Plast team can support every request in detail, offering the customer the possibility to interact, modify and develop the project, both from a technical and commercial point of view. There is a dedicated space reserved for planning, quality and logistics, with direct access to the workshop, where the molds are prepared for the extrusion of the products. Two new departments were also created to focus and optimize the production: one for 10 extrusion lines dedicated to ARCO-range hoses, plates, electrified tracks and curved profiles; the second dedicated to the production of lighting profiles. The warehouse is divided into two macro-areas, one for raw materials storage and the other dedicated to shipments.

The most relevant innovation introduced by Gi Plast in the new headquarters refers to the environmental and energy aspects: a high-performance thermal generator installed to cool and heat the machinery, eliminating the need for refrigerators and boilers, thus substantially reducing the environmental impact. Taking advantage of the cooling and heating cycles, it is also possible to install an innovative air conditioning system in all areas of the company, keeping a constant temperature throughout the year and contributing to the well-being of the employees.


Gi Plast is ready to welcome all partners and collaborators to the new headquarters located in Via Buonarroti – in Lonate Ceppino (Varese, Italy) to see the renovation in detail.

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