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Giada System meets the post-industrial light of Officine Dasa

24 June 2024

Technology is increasingly an integral part of everyday life, and LED light control has also entered everyone’s home


The new collaboration between Giada System and Officine Dasa confirms a well-established and actual fact: technology is increasingly an integral part of everyday life. In the same way as tablets or smartphones, the control of light, in all its shades and nuances, has also entered everyone’s home. Or rather, in lamps.

The different Dasa collections, with clear cinematographic and post-industrial inspirations, integrate Giada System controllers. That allows the designer to create new lighting scenes featured to meet the customer’s needs. The technological direction set by the Roman company to equip itself with intelligent, easy and effective technology led it to choose a reliable partner that has made simplicity its motto. Essential lamps with outspoken materials and basic features, which wink at the cinema, its fast changes of scene and atmosphere are the perfect products to dialogue with Giada System.

The Veneto-based company has created an intuitive interface that allows the customer to control light in the rooms with a single gesture: one click to control the sources, another to access the colour temperatures or dimmer, almost like a “social media” of light. The few quick and practical steps guide the professionals and clients to create scenes that can be – just as quickly – updated or modified according to the needs of the particular moment. The Tripod and Oscar projectors by Officine Dasa are among the best testimonials of this collaboration in the name of pure Made in Italy. A synergy born from a communion of intentions: beautiful design combined with good technology. A combination that solves with a single gesture any doubt or luminous dilemma.


Giada System

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