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Hortus, refined elegance where nature is protagonist

13 March 2021

The new line of Brass Brothers & Co. Eclectic’s collection


In Brass Brothers Eclectic collection nature gives inspiration, irregular surfaces and uneven finishes reflect the uniqueness of the imperfection of natural elements and give birth to tables and lamps with bamboo or wild-rose stems; owls, turtle carapaces, horns, snakes and herons are the protagonists of lamps and sconces that recall fascinating exotic swamps.


Refined elegance

Sensuality and sophisticated elegance characterize the eclectic shapes of this line that marries the exotic taste and attention to luxury details of modern jungle-themed atmospheres. Nature is replicated in unique artifacts in the most natural version of brass and in the most daring processes.

New-born to the collection is the HORTUS line, lamps created by the designer Cecilia Pantaleo. Milanese by adoption, she was born in Rome, where she remained until the age of 23, then lived in New York, London and Hong Kong. Estimator of the beauty of the camouflage and animalier style, she studied industrial design and loves the creative process more than anything else: she worked at Moma, she designed gadgets, lamps (many), boxes (enough), organized events, and designed a small Italian-Indian clothing collection.

“The HORTUS project was born when I discovered that inserting plants, even large ones, in an interior project gives a particular vital force to the space. In many cities, it is known that outdoor space and gardens are very limited. It is therefore no wonder that more and more people tend to surround themselves with indoor plants to create the nature effect. Not having a green thumb and hating fake plants”, Cecilia tells us, “I got the concept of lamps that were fashionable in the 70s, those with unrealistic leaves, flowers and colors or those of beautiful bronze or glass but giving them a realistic touch; my purpose was to give life and light to space with something that really added a touch of green nature to the artifice of electricity.

From the idea to the prototypes, the step was not so short as I struggled to find someone who had the ability and the tools to bring my project to life. During this journey I met Simone and Michelangelo, respectively General Manager and Special Projects Director of il Bronzetto, who immediately supported me; with enthusiasm we started together towards this magnificent collaboration that gave life to new beautiful lamps and objects that then found their natural place in the Eclectic collection by Brass Brothers & Co.” Heliconia, Monstera, Palm and Lemongrass tufts are the plants that inspired the line and that, tight in brass coils – the only precious ornament but which still recalls the binding of a bouquet of flowers and leaves – create appliques that simulate nature.


In detail

HORTUS 01 cast iron small ornamental vase with iron laser cut Lemongrass leaves tuft hand-decorated, brass squared base.

HORTUS 02 wall lamp with iron laser cut Lemongrass leaves tuft hand-decorated, brass rectangular wall plate and spiral decoration.

HORTUS 03 iron laser cut Heliconia leave wall light hand-decorated, brass wall plate and spiral decoration.

HORTUS 04 iron laser cut Monstera leave wall light hand-decorated, brass wall plate and spiral decoration.

HORTUS 05 iron laser cut Palm leave wall light hand-decorated, brass wall plate and spiral decoration.

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