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Hotel Val di Sogno, Lake Garda

3 August 2023® designs three other prestigious suites, the Val Di Sogno suite and two Shiny Bay Junior Suites


Studio® consolidates the forward-looking collaboration with the Hotel Val di Sogno located in Malcesine, Italy, on the Veronese side of Lake Garda, with the recent design and construction of the Val di Sogno suite and two Shiny Bay Junior Suites. The partnership between the architecture studio founded by the architect Giulia Delpiano and the designer Corrado Conti and the ownership of the Hotel Val di Sogno was born and developed over the years with interior design interventions aimed at designing rooms and suites for each floor.

The purpose of the customer is to celebrate the Italian design, surprise guests with a unique and original concept and win them over with welcoming environments. Hotel Val di Sogno, in the bay bearing the same name, is positioned as a four-star superior hotel with 36 rooms of around 20 sqm and suites of an average of about 70 sqm. The rooms and suites all have a lake view, like the frame on a Klimt painting: the elegant underlining of a masterpiece that catches the eye and conquers the soul thanks to the design identity, the sophisticated stylistic search of details, and the choice of custom-made furnishings studied and designed by®. Originality in design, transmitted by® studio in the rooms and suites of the Hotel Val di Sogno, is the ultimate result of refined creative quality. The distinctive identity given to the first interventions carried out in some rooms, suites and common areas, made intimate, warm, and harmonious, led the customer to trust®’s vision and style, commissioning the construction of 3 other prestigious suites, the most important and the most voluminous in the structure, the Val di Sogno suite and the two Shiny Bay Junior Suites.

The® studio expressed the creativity of the suites by drawing inspiration from natural colours and sensations aroused by the lake and the mountains, thus proposing interior design solutions in line with the customer’s expectations. Val di Sogno suite is the calmness of the lake that echoes in the interiors, an experience of total living comfort in the name of quality Italian design.

Val di Sogno suite, in over 56 sqm of internal space, includes a bedroom, bathroom, and 20 sqm of external space with a double glass balcony and a direct lake view. Each piece of furniture is studied and designed to measure and customized by® for the structure and was created by the Bonfante contract. Val di Sogno features a choice of custom furniture and precious materials, ribbed boiserie, headboards with sinuous shapes accentuating the feeling of comfort, tables and bedside tables having singular shapes and agglomerate tops. The environment is enriched and furnished with sofas and armchairs by Montbel, upholstered in Dedar fabrics in different tones. Particular and careful study dedicated to the light element: the gold lamps by Catellani & Smith and the glass Bocci lamps next to the headboard are the protagonists. Lighting is also present within the furnishing accessories, which come to life thanks to the switching on of the integrated lights.

The Shiny Bay Junior Suites are two suites where the boundaries between outside and inside gently dissolve thanks to the elegant design elements inspired by nature and the large bay window overlooking the bay. The Shiny Bay Junior Suites have respectively 34 and 37 sqm of internal space, between the bedroom and bathroom, and 20 and 18 sqm of external space with a glass balcony facing the lake. The result is a space that whispers a sweet melody and that best expresses the creativity of® in the colours, materials and sensations that recall the surrounding nature.® directly followed the entire project and implementation by choosing each piece of furniture, and selecting accessories, such as vases, to offer the customer a turnkey project designed to reflect the Hotel’s personality.

The Val di Sogno Suite and the Shiny Bay Junior Suites are the combinations of a meticulous and exclusive study that has always characterized the philosophy and attitude to the project of the® studio guarantees quality and uniqueness, starting from a blank sheet and being inspired by the most characteristic sensations of the place to create unrepeatable and authentic designs every time.

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