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How to light a coworking space

29 September 2021

Rossini Illuminazione and OH Working


Share the secret key-word! During the smart working era, more and more companies and professionals choose to share working spaces. The Co-working, born in San Francisco in 2005, is an innovative work model which has quickly spread also in Italy and seaming to be continued. Based on sharing the work environment with other professionals, both from the same sector and from totally different sectors, allows you to create a synergy with other coworkers while working on different projects and themes.

In the heart of Milan, in Piazza Vetra, OH Working is the new coworking space designed in order to host freelancers, smart-working employees and work teams. The project concept conceived by OH working was to create silent and elegant spaces, to allow freelancers and companies to work effectively and “smart” in a quiet and functional environment. Everything is in full compliance with the rules relating to Covid-19. Rossini Illuminazione has been chosen to illuminate the meeting room and common areas of the OH working headquarters with the aim of making the environment welcoming and efficient through lighting, allowing for significant savings in terms of energy consumption and maintenance. The architectural project developed by architect Beatrice Villata, after a careful study of the spaces and aesthetic and lighting requirements, was focused on three products from the historic Milanese lighting company: Yen, Asia (fig. 1-2) and Axiom (fig. 3).


Yen and Axiom

For the meeting room and the entrance desk, the choice came upon Yen, a highly versatile single-emission and bi-emission linear LED system. Thanking the multiple combinations given by the different modules that can be installed. Housed in the same aluminum body, there are Yen S9 – a light module capable of providing a punctual and non-dazzling light – and Yen Binario with the Axiom suspension inside, chosen to obtain an important scenic effect, typical of the reception area, and at the same time satisfy the lighting requirements. The profile housing the S9 module was particularly suitable for the office environment and workplaces: in fact, it respects UGR levels (UGR – Unified Glare Rating, i.e. the degree of luminous glare) required by the legislation, thus guaranteeing optimal performance while maintaining the necessary visual comfort. For the meeting room, on the other hand, it was decided to use Yen in a white finish with total light emission, to provide functional and effective lighting in order to work at its best.



Elegant metal suspension with a conical shape, chosen by the OH Working space in the black finish, Asia is proposed here in the version with decentralization of the light point and thus combines the aesthetic aspect with the purely functional one. Through the kit supplied, in fact, it is possible not only to position the suspension in the most congenial point, making an electrical outlet on the wall also suitable for the installation of a suspended object, but also to create new and particular geometric effects, decorating the wall on which it is positioned and leaving the end user the possibility of a custom made game of cables and plugs. A best-selling product by Rossini Illuminazione, Asia is capable of instilling character and personality in the surrounding environment.


Rossini Illuminazione

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