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Ivars: from single component to complete kits, the focus on quality never changes

3 November 2022

Ivars is an eclectic company encompassing three divisions Seating, Building and Accessories. They coexist dynamically yet are united in the constant quest for quality


The concept of quality thoroughly permeates every department. And every team member, whether involved in planning, design, production, sales or communication, works with the same commitment and the same shared values. This company-wide cohesion allows for the production of excellent products: from armrests to highly innovative mechanisms, lumbar supports, headrests, backrests, seats, castors, inserts, feet, helmets and buckets for the building sector. Every element is studied down to the last detail, designed and tested to offer the very best quality and versatility of use.

At Ivars, the research for the very best structural and aesthetic functionality represents a steadfast commitment: if every single component performs its task optimally, the resulting seat will function faultlessly in all its complexity. Ivars supplies hundreds of items that can be sold individually to companies that assemble chairs, but over the last few years they’ve also begun to market complete kits. For each of the numerous models in the Seating catalogue, the client has the option of buying a single element or the entire kit, safe in the knowledge that every detail has been designed to offer a solution of the highest quality.

This is Ivars’ secret, and indeed its mission. It means compatibility across the product range, resulting in numerous assembly possibilities, ensuring outstanding choice and freedom of configuration. Every single part is versatile and eclectic, capable of meeting countless furnishing needs. The version of O-Liner presented here features some of the latest components in the range, which can easily be used on other seats as well.

First there is the Pasha seat, one of the latest models created by Ivars: comfortable and cradling, Pasha is designed to meet the needs of Office environments in Executive and Directional categories. Its innovative character lies in the design of the underseat: a special housing allows the installed mechanism to be partially hidden, resulting in a lighter aesthetic impact. The option to upholster the outerseat also offers enhanced elegance and matching possibility. The 700mm Galles base, which is also available in an attractive white version, along with the 65mm castors lend a touch of class to the overall style of the chair. Lastly, the Luke inclined armrest and dedicated lumbar support enhance comfort for those who spend long hours seated at desk.

O-Liner can be adjusted in height and angle, and the new A50 mechanism can be set to 4 different locking positions and features an anti-shock system with 3 levels of tension regulation activated by the side knob. O-Liner configuration is rounded off with the practical Ecopog fixed headrest and its optional rubber pad, providing a functional option and enhanced comfort. Thus, O-liner shows all the complex, harmonious interplay hidden within a project. The design and engineering that Ivars R&D Team puts into every single component is the result of a long process of research and experimentation: in order for the whole to function correctly and meet all aesthetic and functional needs, each element must be designed with extreme precision.

Ivars is a long-established company that celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2022. The development of its three divisions shows how the company’s heritage, combined with today’s cornerstones of quality, expertise and design flair, ensures its ongoing evolution.

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