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Koncept fashion store

15 June 2022

The new showroom designed by José Manuel Ferrero by estudihac for KRION – PORCELANOSA GRUPO is an attempt to reflect a whole new approach to a new retail shop through a synthesis of volume. The goal was to present their new Fitwall product, which includes an extensive variety of references, in a single space.

In order to do so, a completely new retail shop concept was created that plays with the different surfaces, layers and volumes comprising the space. It’s a mass project with monochrome textures combining each of the references in layers for a very powerful visual effect. The colour yellow is used to emphasize the furnishings and certain areas. The iconic pieces used to offer a touch of colour include the Magnum armchair produced by Sancal and the Spokes lamp by Foscarini.

The new Fitwall product is essentially a series of decorative panels formed by minerals, modified acrylic resins and recycled PET. They feature technology and artisan work to reflect the realism of the original mould in each piece. It’s a flexible, robust and long-lasting product. Fitwall® decorative panels combine modern technology with artisan work so as to give each piece the realism of the original mould. Even the smallest of details are reproduced through a demanding artisan process in the Krion prototype shop with die-cutting, aging, sand, material washing, among several other different techniques.


Location: Vila Real – Castellón. Spain

Photography: Adrian Mora Maroto



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