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Leucos evo/revo-lution

21 February 2022

I always knew one day I would get into lighting, because from an early age I have been immersed in light: balanced, sublime, high-end professional photographic light” says Abramo Manfrotto, owner of Clann srl. Clann is a company based in Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza, which acquired the historic lighting company Leucos at the end of March 2019. The entrepreneurial history of the Manfrotto family begins in the world of photography; Lino, Abramo’s father, is the founder of Manfrotto – now part of the English group Vitec – famous all over the world for its tripods, stands and accessories for photography, videography, theater, and cinema.

His curious and open mind, combined with the family’s distinctive entrepreneurial spirit, led Abramo Manfrotto to acquire Leucos. For this reason, the new development of the company will be the result of the combination of different worlds and experiences. Its products will have a timeless style, there will be no influence from the latest trends, glass will remain a characterizing material, and new materials and techniques will become just as distinctive.

Leucos, sixty years of lighting history

Born in 1962 in Venice, where craftsmanship is synonymous with art, Leucos has always created glass lamps. The hand-blown glass represents the local tradition, but behind our new project there has always been a global idea. Design goes beyond boundaries and in the future designers will see Leucos as an innovation lab to create beautiful, well-made, reliable, efficient and durable products. An evolution that revolutionizes the core business to include research, experimentation and interpretation. Design, materials, manufacturing techniques, technologies and exceptional human resources will be the main factors contributing to Leucos’ rebirth.

The long history of the brand is providing us with experience, wisdom, foresight, patience, willpower and ability to adapt. My goal is to restore the Leucos brand to its former glory by ensuring profitable and sustainable growth, respecting craftsmanship and tradition but adding modernity, efficiency, and technology. At the heart of the strategy are innovative products, advanced production methods, and an utmost attention to sustainability. My desire is that Leucos can be recognized by the market as a solid, reliable, innovative and high-quality company”, says Abramo Manfrotto.

Leucos has been a reference in the field of decorative lighting, with important collaborations with designers and architects -such as Matteo Thun, Massimo Iosa Ghini and Patrick Jouin, just to mention a few- for residential and contract innovative and tailor-made projects. The company will once again become a reference point in the interior lighting sector, with decorative lamps at the heart of the offering, complemented in the future by more technical, architectural products and ‘non-light’ accessories.

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