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Light addicted tables

15 September 2023

A project developed by DGA with the digital magazine Making of Light in collaboration with Advised Agency PR agency


Monthly meetings with lighting designers, architects, product designers and photographers will enliven the DGA Showroom in Milan, Corso Monforte 23. The company conceived that space as a meeting and information place in which a parallel study of knowledge and diffusion of the culture of Light accompanies the display and supply of products.

DGA has defined a schedule of events to explore topics related to the lighting universe and will involve various professionals in the sector. Currently, have been planned three meetings that, in 2024, will be followed by a second series of meetings with already selected professionals and topics.

The inaugural event will be held on September 28th by the lighting designer Lisa Marchesi on the theme “Retail“. For this meeting, the professional proposed her latest creations for various high fashion houses as case studies. To best represent the philosophy expressed by the Maisons, custom-made products created with DGA will be presented.

The second appointment, scheduled for October 19th, will be themed “Art” and see Massimiliano Baldieri talk about his vast experience with galleries and artists. The architect will explain how the scenes have been developed, and the relationships with the creatives or the gallery owner for the correct scenic lighting of the works.

The third and final meeting, scheduled for November 16th, will be held by the architects CalviBrambilla, Creative Curators of Flos, who will illustrate how Light is the fifth element of their exhibition/trade fair design.

All meetings will have the patronage of ASSIL and AIDI.

The architects registered with the Order of Milan who will be present at the meeting will be able to receive 1cfp for participation in exhibitions/fairs/similar, to be requested through self-certification on the CNAPPC National Training Platform.


The events are open to the public, subject to confirmation via email. Available places are limited. RSVP:

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