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Luce5 and Lightpixel

18 December 2023

Built-in technology, a new method for creating light scenarios and animations made up of light pixels


It is not a screen or a monitor, but only light in the mirror. LIGHTPIXEL by Luce5 can furnish the home or liven up and animate the window of a shop or showroom. It can even become a door or a luminous wall and involve the observer in an interactive game with images and video animations created by light pixels. Graphic concepts can be customizable, and users can request custom animations based on their objectives thanks to the versatility of LIGHTPIXEL technology.

A mirror, not a monitor: with the pixels turned off and animation not active, the mirror is totally reflective, but as soon as LIGHTPIXEL is activated and animation comes into play, the mirror dissolves, leaving room for colours and shapes. The users can decide the pixel size basing on their design. The light pixels are designed and produced internally, using high-quality RGBW LEDs, and the glass fixing studs are customizable.

LIGHTPIXEL can be applied to different mirrors, becoming a true generator of light animations. Artificial Intelligence creates an interaction with the observer, and the contents are customizable based on the project’s needs. The control takes place through a dedicated application, and the interaction with the user is based on Computer Vision techniques.



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