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Luce5 launches TT, innovative composite technology based on aluminium for integrated light furnishing

10 March 2023

Thanks to thirty years of experience in the Retail and Contract sector, Luce5 has developed Tech Thickness (TT), the new lighting technology to create furnishing components. Thanks to this composite technology, based on aluminium and designed to integrate light into the structure of the furnishings, the company based in Montevarchi, Italy, has designed an innovative solution to optimize the thicknesses of the furnishings and obtain maximum function with minimum size and weight, guaranteeing maximum resistance.

TT is a unique and innovative green technology designed to make a difference in the design world and overcome the conventional concepts of wooden furniture design. With superior mechanical strength and lower weight compared to wood (regardless of thickness), the TT has the advantage of being able to incorporate lighting solutions into its structure. As mentioned, this revolutionary technology is available in various dimensions, even very thin, which allows the integration of light in thicknesses ranging from 5mm upwards.

Thanks to the used construction material, light but resistant, TT guarantees high standards in mechanical resistance even in the smallest thicknesses and, in comparison with other construction materials, TT products are easy and safe to handle. Thanks to the aluminium-based composite technology, Tech Thickness can guarantee extremely light weights even with significant thicknesses and dimensions. That leads to reduced CO2 emissions in transport and 95% recyclability. At the end of its life, any TT product can be recycled and reinserted into the production cycle, promoting the circular economy where disposal becomes a tangible resource.

Finally, thanks to the construction material, each product made with TT technology has a high thermal conductivity that allows it to dissipate the heat of all the integrated light sources. The TT furnishings are available in varied finishes: galvanizing, varnishing, veneering and anodizing. Furthermore, the design of the TT product remains extremely clean: in fact, the integration of lighting solutions does not include visible fastening elements, and the wiring is absolutely “invisible”. In addition to the furnishing function, TT complements act as lighting elements in the environments where they are. In this regard, they are also available with the possibility of controlling and managing the scenarios of each light source integrated with the TT via Bluetooth, DMX or DALI protocols.


Areas of use

Tech Thickness (TT) has exceptional versatility. Immediately after its presentation, it has become an outstanding construction tool for architects and designers who want to create and design linear, light but solid sustainable and functional furnishing accessories. The TT can be used and find a correct place in Retail, Luxury living, Yachting, and Design furnishings. Therefore, there are infinite application possibilities: wardrobes, kitchens, displays or showcases, exhibitors, bookcases, equipped walls, thresholds, handrails, chairs, tables, beds and boiserie. In a few words, applicable to any piece of furniture where to insert a trendy component supplied pre-wired and certified.


The Tech Thickness technology, presented by Luce 5 in Frankfurt on the occasion of Light+Building last October, is in a continuous development phase. It was just presented at EuroShop Düsseldorf , where visitors were able to touch the technological evolution of TT in newly conceived furnishing components. This constant evolution will be revealed in all its forms and uses in April, during Euroluce in Milan, where the entire project will be again the absolute protagonist shown in more detail with new features and further implementations.



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