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Lucifero’s presents Iride, in collaboration with Mario Cucinella

30 June 2021

Lucifero’s, a brand specialising in the sector of indoor and outdoor architectural lighting, launches Iride, an elegant and refined adjustable projector, created in collaboration with designer Mario Cucinella, an internationally renowned architect and leader in sustainability.

The company, founded in Bologna in 1978 by the Duranti family, has been part of the Cefla group since 2018, specialising in the development of innovative, high-tech solutions. A reference point of the sector that has recently signed a collaboration with Mario Cucinella, creating an adjustable projector where technological innovation meets design. The product consists of a painted aluminum body, which can be customised in different finishes and colours, and an interchangeable snooter, which can also be customised in different finishes, with a backlit effect for greater anti-glare visual comfort. Available colours include: white, black, chrome white and chrome black, which can also be mixed. Optical groups, in spot, flood and wide versions, are complete with integrated high colouring rendering LEDs (CRI<90) with colour temperatures of 2700K, 3000K and 4000K, lens, anti-glare housing and electronic driver.

Iride is available in two applications: base or track version, on three-phase electrified rails or 48V low voltage. In the track version, the optical body has a 0-90° orientation on the horizontal axis and 355° on the vertical axis, while the surface mounted version offers an additional rotation possibility. The product can be used both indoors and outdoors and has an IP20 or IP66 protection degree. Iride is just one of Lucifero’s lighting proposals.

The company has an extensive catalogue for a wide range of applications: retail, hospitality, educational, residential, office, industrial, GDO, sacred places and museums. A mind set based on typically Italian tailoring where a configurator with more than 30.000 codes for finitures, colours, compositions and modules makes it possible to customise products and create personalised projects. T

he company also specialises in the field of green indoor lighting, with a series of products able to light up indoor plants. Among the proposals: wired lighting systems with HC (Horticulture) spectrum LEDs for ornamental plants, linear systems with LEDs and optics for grazing lighting and wall washers for green walls, and finally projectors equipped with COBHC for accent lighting of individual plants and indoor green areas. A range of proposals born from a careful study of plants which have particular needs in terms of intensity and require specific light spectrums.

In addition to the architectural space, people, with their needs, are at the centre of any design choice. The Bologna-based company’s products are in fact closely linked to the principle of Human Centric Lighting, where light plays a crucial role in creating the right atmosphere, making the place liveable and functional for people. The circadian cycle and relationship with nature are therefore restored thanks to lighting bodies with integrated sensors and Tunable White control systems, which allow variation of intensity and colour temperature. This generates intelligent lighting with a focus on the concept of sustainability and energy saving, in full respect of the environment and personal well-being.


Technology, functionality and innovation have been the hallmarks of Lucifero’s since 1978, an Italian brand known throughout the world for its wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting proposals.



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