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MACO: home security begins from small choices

13 November 2020

Cupboards, bookcases, kitchens can be safer thanks to an innovative shelf support developed by MACO which avoids the accidental tilt of shelves causing damages to people and objects. Security can be born from small choices which are perfectly hidden inside any furniture: a value for the manufacturer and a value for the consumer who is not involved in a household accident.

0951 is the MACO’s innovative concealed shelf-support with anti-tilt security system, designed for a minimal aesthetic impact, available in white, brown, black, light grey, lead grey (or just with nickeled plate) so as to fit to the finish of any furniture. Thanks to the metal pin – inserted and blocked from the housing made of first quality nylon – it grants an excellent seal and high anti-tilt resistance. It is very easy to be assembled: it’s sufficient a milling in line with the shelf and, once it is inserted, the anti-tilt security system is granted by the plate which runs till locking any movement and the shelf support will never move neither horizontally nor vertically. 0951 is the new shelf support designed and manufactured through MACO’s experience, which perfectly blends into any furniture offering the best functionality and security combined with user-friendliness whether during assembling or during disassembling for household cleaning.

Through this product MACO corroborates its ability for innovation, expanding the concept of quality from functionality to security. The item 0951 is strictly manufactured in Italy with certified raw materials so as to protect the Made in Italy, a feature which is appreciated by all MACO’s clients.



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