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MACO: the universal solution for cables

28 February 2024

With MACO’s “Cable-passage” solutions, cable routing or various wiring lines in home or professional furnishings are no longer a problem; rather, they present an opportunity to efficiently handle the use of work or household appliances inside furniture, shelves, or placed on work surfaces, ensuring ample passage capacity.

It is usable for cable routing both horizontally (on panels, on furniture backrests, or on drywall walls) and vertically (on desks, on all work surfaces, on kitchen cabinet tops, or even on drywall ceilings). It allows the easy passage of various lines without the need to disassemble connectors or plugs, thanks to its wide, adjustable opening based on the density of the passing cables.

MACO’s “Cable-passage” range, with its two shapes (round or square) and ten available finishes (white, brown, beige, champagne, light grey, dark grey, black, nickeled, chromed, brassed), can harmoniously adapt the colour tone of any furniture or structure crossed by cables, respecting its aesthetics with a simple and minimal design.

The MACO “Cable-passage” is extremely easy to install without the need for special tools, using holes with a diameter of 60 or 80 mm. With its adjustable closure, it can also be used as a hole cover for occasional inspections, as it completely covers the passage hole without hindering cleaning operations.

The models “Cable-passage” 0960/0961/0962/0963 are entirely produced in Italy at the MACO factory, using certified and guaranteed raw materials. This approach aligns with the philosophy of enriching and protecting the Made in Italy, a characteristic appreciated by all MACO customers.



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