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MACO: to produce the best you need always to do better

17 January 2022

That’s the philosophy which has been supporting MACO since 1955. It has allowed the company located in Seregno, Italy, to be leader in the market of Made in Italy furniture fittings thanks to the investments in the production process and to a particular care from raw materials to the finished product, all combined with a customized approach to sales.

MACO is always doing better because nothing is granted even if the long experience acquired and recognized by the market has standardized the quality of the products that are shipped every day all over the world.

Push-latches, magnetic catches, castors, furniture fittings, small fittings and special items. Each production department at MACO engages competent and motivated human resources who take part to the quality process with enthusiasm, so as to grant a zero-defect flow to the next department, raising the production standard of any fittings.

MACO’s departments – i.e., technical and sales offices, production management, raw materials warehouse, lathe department, metal stamping, plastic molding, mold maintenance, assembly, packaging, finished products warehouse and shipping – work in synergy to offer the Made in Italy quality on every product, in addition to deliveries without delays.

Each MACO department knows and puts into practice the company philosophy of always doing better and this improves the standards so that customers are very satisfied and build loyalty to MACO’s quality, which is perceivable and appreciated by the entire national and international furniture sector.

MACO has continued its growth for years by investing in all corporate resources, thus participating in the Made in Italy recognition which best identifies an international value to increase the practical and aesthetic satisfaction of furniture.


MACO: choose the best possible.

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