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Masiero enlightens classic, modern and residential environments

4 July 2024

Atelier is a Masiero line springing from a continuous succession of experiences that make it possible to capture the formal harmony of a collection that pursues uncompromising excellence rooted in the finest craftsmanship. Metal cores skilfully forged by expert hands are embellished with refined finishes and noble materials such as glass, crystal and natural stones.

These timeless products offer lighting solutions for both classic and modern, residential and contract environments. Through the Masiero customisation service, with Atelier it is possible to create unique and exclusive lighting works based on the requests of designers and customers.


Raqam design Marc Sadler

As delicate as embroidery and as precious as a jewel, this versatile modular lighting system can create a variety of customisable combinations extending in all directions and sizes. Its seven different modules come with a metal core available in three colours and covered with transparent glass. The modules, when freely combined, create brilliant suspensions, spectacular cascading or wall-mounted units, and other surprising light installations.



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