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12 February 2024

SIDE lights up Malpensa Terminal 2 using RULED, a new lighting concept owing exciting features


These are the elements that, when well blended, give life to well-designed and technologically advanced architectural lighting fixtures. Thanks to these prerogatives, SIDE S.P.A., once again, was able to satisfy the needs of one of its major customers by becoming part of the lighting project of Malpensa Terminal 2 airport.

When, on the other hand, a company makes use of high-level work partners, as for SIMA LUCE agency in Milan and ESSE EMME GROUP, the results are undoubtedly excellent. As mentioned, SIDE’s ability to combine design, craftsmanship and technology is, in this case, highlighted in the luminaires chosen to illuminate Malpensa airport. They are conceived exactly to create bright, comfortable and, above all, functional environments. A prestigious project in which one of the many luminaires produced by SIDE, in this case, RULED, found its ideal stage of use. A new concept of diffused light and a modular optical system provide the designer with a vast range of light beams for uniform and punctual lighting.

Thanks to the modularity of its optics, RULED can offer original solutions, such as the asymmetric double beam and the asymmetric-elliptical one. Technology and high lighting performance are the elements that allowed SIDE to present a new, specifically designed lighting concept with exciting characteristics at Malpensa Terminal 2.


Light is more and more MADE IN ITALY.

Light is more and more SIDE S.P.A.

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