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Bring out the colours of your store

22 September 2020

Quattrobi CRIMAX means the best-in-class LED lighting with CRI / IRC higher than 97 for high colour fidelity, excellent TM-30 metrics for deep colour saturation, and a close match to the spectrum of the sun. By an optimized and reduced blue light emission, there are no UV radiation risks to materials, merchandise or art objects. All these technical features combined into a performing light fixture with the most extended lifetime, flux control, flicker-free, and an Internet of Things (IoT) ready solution.

Quattrobi TUNABLE WHITE is a one-fixture solution for all colour temperature needs, with a light that has the same high CRI / IRC colour fidelity over the entire CCT range, from 2700K to 6500K. Quattorbi’s solution allows an easy change in the colour temperature of the shop, according to the season and for every new collection arrival. The lighting can be controlled on-location and remotely with Quattrobi LIGHT TUNE, a dedicated mobile app available for both Android and iOS that makes this a ready for the Internet of Things (IoT) solution.

FOOD LED SYSTEM: Back to the future

After looking in the past at high-intensity discharge lamps, Quattrobi designed a modern LED system composed of one specific light source, reflector, and spectra filter. It has been realised to be the perfect one-for-all solution, that can be used to beautifully light meat as well as seafood, fruits, vegetables, dairy, and bakery products.

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