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Retrò Lamps by Ferroluce illuminate the scene of Family Food Fight 2

16 July 2021

Starting a catering business is a dream for many; the kitchen becomes a laboratory where creativity takes shape and turns into tasty dishes enriched with explosive colours and flavours. Then there are some lucky enough to share this ambitious project with their loved ones or their families. The new Family Food Fight 2 Italia is born on this idea. Relatives meet to carry on the same passion, sort of duelling with pans and secret ingredients in a format of fun and competition together.

To illuminate the scene, three iconic models from Ferroluce’s Retrò collection with their clean shape and exclusive materials. The location is a mix of different styles and trends together to obtain unique effects. The colours are vibrant, the materials are natural, the lines are simple and the urban jungle component offers a contemporary setting. That is why the Retrò collection is the perfect solution to illuminate every corner of the scene and the set in general with lamps winking at the past, still having a contemporary note.

The result is fresh, with lamps characterizing the rooms: the total-white applique of the Urban line, discreet but that certainly does not go unnoticed, the white wall lamp of the B&W line, very contemporary in its shape with an exquisite vintage flavour, and a black and white applique which is also part of the B&W line, very particular and with a retrò charm.


Applique, Retrò collection, Vintage line

The first applique illuminating the interior of Family Food Fight 2 is perfect for environments with a rustic vintage flavour. Essential and discreet, it spreads full reassuring light. Applied on a red bricks wall, it recalls a bit of the industrial style. The white of the Vintage line appliques enhances their shapes and the underground suggestion.


Wall lamp, Retrò collection, B&W line

A lamp very contemporary in shape, still preserving the memory of a past style. The glossy surface and the absence of decorations allow the use of this lamp in different environments, here in a minimalist but refined context. The light beam is full and discreetly blending without stealing the scene from the rest of the furniture. An excellent solution for uniform lighting still highlighting the worktop.


Wall lamp, Retrò collection, B&W line

The third applique is similar to the previous one but different in colours. While the first is a minimal one, the second is more refined with the black and white colour that distinguishes it. Satin brass creates a lively contrast with polished ceramics. The black-and-white style creates a retrò effect recalling the lamps of the sixties, contemporary at the same time fitting well with the most minimalist interior of a kitchen corner.

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