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Steab 1971 – 2021: from the heart of Tuscany, the challenge to the future!

29 October 2021

Steab this year celebrates the 50th anniversary of its foundation. An important milestone for one of the most interesting productive company in Tuscany. All this has even more relevance when seen in the light of the events that have put the world economy in difficulty in the last decade, not least the Covid 19 pandemic.

But let’s take a look at the history of this company. It was the summer of 1971 when Belisario Pini, following his entrepreneurial spirit and focusing new market needs, started the research, development and production of components dedicated to the lighting industry. The first steps were taken together with a very small group of collaborators and then, gradually, expanded until it was structured and configured as a real industrial reality. Over the years, Steab merged the genius and enthusiasm of its founder with the continuous search for new technical solutions, constantly expanding its offer and conquering more and more market shares, both nationally and internationally. During summer of 2019, Commendator Pini passed away, leaving his two sons, Leonardo and Elisabetta, leading the company; both of them are committed to ensure, over time, the same spirit with which the family business was created.

“The design and development of innovative technical solutions, in addition to the pursuit of the highest quality, are our essential values,” said Leonardo Pini, head of the Technical Area.

“Today we talk a lot about eco-sustainability, and we work every day in this direction, minimizing the environmental impact of our company through the drastic reduction of waste and processing waste. We have also equipped ourselves with a very modern photovoltaic system capable of covering a large part of company energy consumption, leaving many more resources free for the territory” underlines Dr. Elisabeta Pini.

Steab was born with the specific intent of supplying components for the world of lighting, but has developed, over time, a product catalog that finds application in many other sectors. “Just like 50 years ago, the aim of our company is to provide components with a high technological content and high reliability. Only in this way our products can be used for the creation of final objects of great value”, continues Leonardo Pini. A very broad field of applications, spanning from Electronics to Electromechanics, including the entire production cycle; from the initial design, to the prototyping and to the final mass production of parts made of insulating material. “2021 is full of challenges, some of which are driven by the changing conditions of world markets, others instead, are driven by the ever-increasing and new needs of our customers”, says Dr. Pini.

Steab, as it has already been able to do during these 50 years of life, promises to face future changes with the same spirit and the same determination that characterized its founder. A healthy and genuine spirit, driven by the desire to innovate and to offer something unique and lasting, as only “Made in Italy” products can do! A balanced combination of flair, creativity and technology, capable of bringing a historical Tuscan brand to compete in the most important world markets, increasing the image of its territory with it.

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