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The Amalfi hotel Borgo Santandrea

5 September 2022

When light is the protagonist


Inspired by the origins of the structure built in the 1960s, the owners wanted to create an Italian residence that would tell the spirit of those years with every detail and, at the same time, be an expression of accessible and sustainable architecture. The interiors of the hotel are a hymn of “Made in Italy”, many local and Italian workers and artisans who have been asked for personalized furnishings such as the lamps made by Bronzetto, customized, sampled and eventually produced to be perfectly integrated into the project chosen for the 5 * hotel and that required 4 years of work.

The structure, perfectly integrated into an amber-colored rock cliff overlooking the sea, is a striking example of the devotion that the two owner families, Orlacchio and De Siano, have dedicated for generations to the art of hospitality, as well as Bronzetto, Florentine artisan company specializing in brass&bronze furniture and lighting, handed down from father to son the mastery of working these metals since 1963. The wide rooms and suites, and in a typically Mediterranean style, prefer light colors such as white and blue, which in themselves give brightness to the environment, already naturally flooded with light thanks to the huge windows overlooking the gulf. The view is left free to sweep outwards, towards the horizon, without interruption, so the internal lighting points have been designed to be non-invasive and to leave to natural light the space it deserves, the one as protagonist.

Blossom, Wormhole, Satellite and Urban are the lines of lamps that the architects of Borgo Santandrea have chosen for the suites. The Blossom Camelia, designed for Bronzetto by designer Piero Angelo Orecchioni, is available in the table and floor version, each element of this lamp with jointed brass arm and the vintage-style external electric wire covered in fabric, is completely customizable: from the brass finish of the structure, to the color of the irregularly shaped painted aluminum lampshade, to the color of the marble of the base. The version chosen for the Amalfi hotel: amber burnished finish for the articulated arm, a classic white Carrara marble for the base, lampshade in midnight blue internally covered with gold leaf and the external electric wire in turquoise fabric (also available in red).

Even the six lights Satellite 06 chandelier, as well as its table version, the Satellite 02, and the Sat 03 joint spotlight, are characterized by the blue color of the lampshade, respecting the palette chosen for all the interiors of Borgo Santandrea. While the Wormhole 05 and the Blossom Camelia wall lights have been chosen white and black, the other colors that mark the design of many furnishings and lamps from the 50s and 60s.


Il Bronzetto

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