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The art of Venini in Venice for the “mediterranean” event signed by Bvlgari

12 July 2023

A spectacular glass sculpture inspired by the iconic Tazebao pendant lamp is a stunning addition to the halls of Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel, showcasing the refinement of Italian craftsmanship and the expertise of the Murano master glassmakers


VENINI participates in the event promoted by BVLGARI to present their “Mediterranea” Fine Jewellery and Luxury Timepieces collection. Under the artistic direction of Marco Piva, the historic glassworks has created a spectacular modular glass sculpture inspired by the magnificent, iconic Tazebao suspension lamp designed by Ludovico Diaz de Santillana. Made of a series of transparent elements curved slightly like wings in flight, it lends a three-dimensional quality to the light by means of a weightless architectural element.

The site-specific project by VENINI interprets the theme of water, one of the leitmotifs of the BVLGARI collection unveiled in the Lagoon city. Rendered in shades ranging from transparency to aquamarine, the glass elements create an intense and dramatic stratification that evokes the meeting of the sky and the sea, as well as the intertwining of the creative excellence and culture and ideas that throughout history have characterized Venice as a cultural crossroads and a stage for valuable exchanges.

With its participation in this global event, VENINI confirms its role as an ambassador of a centenarian tradition capable of continuously renewing itself through design and beauty, keeping fine craftsmanship on track for the future.



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