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The Gewiss smart home

15 September 2020

The Company proposes a new offer of solutions for home automation that combine connectivity, well-being and sustainability.

Smart living in domestic environments means being able to manage all the automation functions of buildings in a simple and centralized way, any time and anywhere you are.

For this reason GEWISS decided to renew their smart home offer by developing solutions beyond the simple concept of product: guided by the Innovation Path, which has always been its driving force, the Company has decided to create a complete system capable of responding first and foremost to the need for well-being, a general condition that embraces physical and mental health, but also respects the value of sustainability, intended above all in terms of protection and respect for the surrounding environment, and guarantees the advantages generated by modern connectivity, which unites man and the device under the same network. Solutions commensurate with every need, which assure quality and functionality in every building environment.

Six main functions summarize the GEWISS Smart Home offer, related to the concepts of protection (with a 7” Touch Panel used to manage and supervise the home system, integration with the 2N IP video entryphone and ONVIF protocol video surveillance systems, as well as with ISEO’s special Smart Locks), safety (with special smoke, water, and gas sensors with ZigBee protocol and the ReStart series RCCB switches), sustainability (with special KNX devices for managing domestic loads), happiness (due to the integration with Amazon voice assistants Alexa and Google Assistant as well as with SONOS Home Sound System), comfort and hospitality (with smart touch devices such as KNX push-button panels with interchangeable symbols and Thermo ICE timed thermostat). An ecosystem where different solutions coexist, not only from GEWISS, but also from third parties, who harmoniously dialogue with each other and ensure well-being throughout the home.


The heart of the entire Smart Home system is represented by Smart Gateway, the device built on a Cloud platform on which all the information from home and the Internet converge. Smart Gateway is essential for building environment management and automation logics, collecting data from home inputs and sensors, and sending commands to actuators. It can communicate with Cloud applications, transfer data from different protocols (KNX, Zigbee, BLE, Wi-Fi, IP) to devices and client applications, and exchange information between these devices. Smart Gateway connects to a power outlet and by wireless connection to your home’s modem router. The Smart Gateway App allows you to access all functions of the device in a simple and intuitive way, both locally and remotely. Featuring modern graphics, with control units for every object to be viewed and managed, the Smart Gateway App makes the enjoyment of well-being even more immediate. The interface can be customised with background images and icons, as well as save the most often used control units in the “Favourites” tab. The configuration of the App requires a few steps and, thanks to the GEWISS Cloud, the data and information of the system can be securely managed. Available for iOS, Android and Win10, on Smartphones, Tablets and Win10 PCs.

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