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The new LED TRACK Driver perfect for retail, indoor and hospitality applications

2 April 2022

WELT Electronic introduces the LED TRACK DRIVER by eldoLED®


The programmable track LED Driver is shortlisted for the [d]arc awards 2021 in KIT Technology category. The driver by eldoLED® meets the flickering requirements demanded by the market, and offers a very high quality and precision dimming (deep dimming 0.1%) and the ability to manage lighting fixtures in Tunable White. All these features make the new LED TRACK Driver perfect for retail, indoor and hospitality applications. eldoLED®’s LightShape technology intelligently manages light in Dynamic Lighting applications. From Tunable White to Dim to Warm, or even multi-spectrum solutions, LightShape reduces the challenge of ensuring tens, hundreds, or even thousands of luminaires behave identically as light is changed, providing the quality of light demanded by clients every time.


A consistent solution requires the following building blocks:

NETWORK – DALI-2 Device Type 8 (Tc) – standard color aware controls for Tunable White applications

DRIVE – Multi-channel LED drivers from the eldoLED® DUALdrive family

CONTROL – LightShape technology inside the LED driver enabling color awareness


LED technology enables further miniaturization of track lighting. To comply with form factor constraints, these tracks rely on small LED drivers, typically powered by a remote 48V DC power supply. To meet this need, eldoLED® has developed a new family of open-frame LED drivers that fit within the A.A.G. STUCCHI MULTISYSTEM track adapter.

This new family of LED drivers brings natural dimming capabilities to track light applications, offering tremendous flexibility for retail stores and hospitality. The system offers unprecedented flexibility and allows you to work with a wide range of dimming and color adjustment options. You can easily add spots anywhere and introduce dynamic lighting wherever you like. You can combine them with other types of dynamic lighting luminaires, while retaining a fully consistent light image.

48V DC 32W DC2DC LED Track by eldoLED® successfully meets the following industry requirements and functionalities.

  • Flicker Performance (IEEE1789)
  • ENEC & CE
  • EMI Compliance (FCC Class B)
  • UL Recognition
  • Deep-Dimming (0.1%)®: this driver delivers on the Quality of Light with deep dimming capabilities (0.1%) to an eye perception level of 1%—all while remaining flicker-safe.
  • Largest Output Current Range: the widest programmable output current range of 150-1050mA compared to other track drivers.


WELT Electronic is an authorized distributor for eldoLED products in Italy. For any further information visit here and here.


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