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Transforming the space using the suggestive applications of anodized aluminium

13 November 2020

Discovering the innovative world of bandoxalPRO® by Almeco Group


Anodized-aluminium surfaces offer a glossy, brilliant and very resistant finish often liked by architects and designers for its versatility, resistance, flexibility and handling. Anodized aluminium can transform each indoor and outdoor environment. It is modular and the only limit is fantasy and imagination. It is a material that can accompany any kind of surface to highlight its qualities, thanks to the contrast with its peculiar shine and pliancy.

Here we talk of anodized aluminium having thickness higher than in the past, thus featured to meet all projects. This is what bandoxalPRO® by Almeco Group offers. Especially designed aluminium for architectural applications and interior design. Extreme resistance and attention to aesthetics are the bases of its concept. Extremely durable anodizing-layered surfaces and the calibrations up to 3 mm thick and 2.000 mm wide are available in a colour range from light gold to dark bronze and copper, black and vivid ash, thus offering particular suggestive hues. The modular nature also allows unlimited finish combinations: matt, satin, brushed and glossy. Thanks to the extraordinary processing property of the material in HPL, CPL, honeycomb or sandwich panels, to the lightness and to the proven resistance over time, it results to be the perfect material for covering, composite panels, interiors, furnishings and any other design solution requiring lightness and durability.

It fits customized architectural projects for small or large spaces from furniture to objects, choosing the magic and unique thicknesses allowed by bandoxalPRO®. It can be chosen in large slabs up to 4.000 mm in length and all projects will then result fluid and jointless thanks to the perfect surface flatness and uniformity.

Among other Almeco products dedicated to the furnishing, the classic bandoxaldecor® for the interior creations, with surface assortments from 0,25 to 1 mm. This anodized aluminium can be used in uncountable textures combinations, colours and finishes, rich in kaleidoscopic shades and having infinite brightness. With this variety of fine metallic shades, it is possible to effectively replace metallic elements like titanium, stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze, up to silver and gold. It allows a wide selection of reflecting, flat, brushed, satin or textured surface finish. The feature making it unique is the uniform finish, the homogeneous colour on the entire surface, the possibility to foresee silkscreen prints, hot stamps or precision laser, mechanical and chemical engravings. All the above completed by ductileness, flexibility and resistance over time.

All bandoxal® surfaces are environment friendly and entirely recyclable.


For further info: Almeco Group

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