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Vimar technology at the foot of Monte Rosa

7 December 2020

Nature as the model for a design becoming visible luxury at CampZero, the new Active Luxury Resort that reflects a cutting-edge hospitality philosophy offering at the same all the services and comforts provided by a hotel with unique alchemy. CampZero is the first Active Luxury Resort dedicated to mountain lovers and offering immersive and highly exclusive experiences in the area where it is located. Surrounded by the mountains, in a privileged position in the heart of the Ayas Valley near Champoluc, Aosta Valley in Northern Italy, CampZero was built at the foot of Monte Rosa, framed by a spectacular landscape made of snow-capped peaks, rivers and lush forests.

Founded between 2016 and 2018, CampZero was designed to bring together design and innovation, tradition and sustainability in a single place, while upholding a fundamental harmony with the surroundings. CampZero’s architectural project was designed by BladIdea studio to create a structure capable of merging with the environment while offering the guests a constant feeling of peace and comfort. To achieve this result the use of natural and original materials has been privileged, paying particular attention to the details and safeguarding the sustainable approach. The same concept applies to the choice of technology used to manage the structure.

And this is where Vimar comes into play with its Well-contact Plus building automation system, developed following the international KNX standard. The system allows constant control of comfort, energy and safety in every single environment. Light, temperature, input, output, everything is programmable and controllable from the devices at the reception using Well-contact Suite software. Thanks to Well-contact Plus, the staff can comfortably supervise the entire structure from the reception, which becomes a true control room: check-in and check-out in the 30 suites and the common areas, status signalling (guest in the room, do not disturb, room to be restored, etc.), technical or emergency alarms indicating possible faults in electrical devices and consequent intervention request. In the same way, the centralized control allows to quickly set lighting and temperature of the hall and the restaurant, to offer the most appropriate atmosphere.

Vimar solutions allow the control of different functions in each room. Lighting and temperature can indeed set by the guest thanks to the controls and thermostats, the latter equipped with a touch screen with RGB backlighting and offering maximum precision in the temperature setting, making it a small technological jewel of it. In addition to lighting and climate control, Vimar devices are a guarantee in functionality and comfort. As an example, in the rooms, a wide range of sockets – from the ones for razors positioned in the bathrooms to data sockets – meets every kind of need and different standards, to satisfy the international demand. In addition to sockets, switches and thermostats, every room is equipped with Vimar card readers. It just needs to insert the card in the dedicated pocket to activate the lights and to have the temperature at the desired level. Instead, Eikon Tactil readers are positioned outside each room, allowing access control to meet with the most sophisticated design: the appealing lines of the device convey the unique interior atmosphere of the location.

Finally, to frame all Vimar devices, the Arké series in its Classic version with a rational geometry, linear profile and sharp corners. This series shads all decorations, thus defining a new model of energy. The chosen material is a black polymer with close attention to the finishing, as per Vimar’s distinctive style, and produced with eco-friendly procedures and wear-resistant paints. Designed in the present looking at the future, Arké perfectly fits into this context.

Surrounded by plates, buttons and controls – featured by a pleasant double curvature – they create a contrast with the sobriety of the wooden walls, offering a combination that further enhancing the surrounding space. Wood, metal and stone make CampZero look impressive and contemporary but at the same time relaxing and welcoming. This also thanks to Vimar technology, helping to define spaces for a 360-degrees well-being experience.



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