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Yalos Murano, research and experimentation in the glass tradition

14 December 2020

Style and design for the furnishing accessories of the contemporary living proposed using glass and its many features


To furnish using the most innovative colors and lines, admiring the changing and elusive light reflections of a unique and unrepeatable object, so as being able to connect our own personality with an object, are the most direct experiences of each creation proposed by Yalos Murano.

Producing glass in Murano means to continue a millennial tradition, the history of knowledge, the secrets and skills as a precious heritage of this entrepreneurial reality’s corporate mission. The master glassmakers’ secrets and techniques combined with trust-based relationships with famous Italian and international interior decorators over the years are still defining the success of the company’s collections.

In respect of the continuous research and testing that have historically distinguished Yalos Murano for the production of artistic glass, new challenges are now to come: from the precious glass sinks to the different-sized Murano glass plates, in changing colors, multiple decorations and unique, precious blends for the interior decoration. New proposals to enter markets looking for unique and exclusive furnishing and architectural accessories, overcoming the traditional-product concept, in favor of a tangible architectural system.

The technical and aesthetic features make Murano artistic glass suitable for any use, for unlimited modularity, hence allowing a complete design. Yalos Murano is not only a manufacturer and supplier of Murano artistic glass, but also a reliable partner, ready closely to work with architects and interior designers on projects with a contemporary taste, but in which some traditional style is still required.

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