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ZEMIS, lighting solutions for the furniture industry for international markets

11 October 2021

ZEMIS with the goal of providing a quality service on its products, provides the main international certifications which will do strict controls at the end of the production cycle on the functioning of electronic equipment and lighting equipment. The ZEMIS brand was born with the aim of creating objects that integrate design, technology and quality. The “contamination” of styles and materials has placed the foundations of the evolutionary path and given the possibility to experiment with new trends. Light therefore as a natural element from which to draw inspiration to experience emotions and sensations.

There are two most recognizable values: service and elegance. The world of ZEMIS is made of good manners, good taste and aesthetic kindness. The precious mix of industrial development in a constant balance with attention to the handcrafted product is the premises that allow the company to offer an increasingly appreciated customer service. Customer assistance begins from the planning to the development, to the offer and, in the end, to the after-sales phase. It is a dynamic partner for a custom-made design service from the contract to the technical sector, from furniture to the automotive sector.

ZEMIS also roles hidden spaces, with technology and functionality, without forgetting the attention to quality materials and the choice of accessories. It offers finishes capable of dressing a light object thanks to the skilled hands of designers and planners to contribute to become better any project. Whether it’s a spotlight or a linear meter light fixture, ZEMIS strength lies in customization: from the concept, engineering, prototyping up to production, it gives great importance to the customization required. Each luminaire is a project, a story told in collaboration with lighting engineers, architects and customers for new customized and tailor-made solutions.


CORI System

CORI System was born from these premises: a device integrated into the furniture and in the architecture which defines spaces, volumes and surfaces. The geometric sobriety and simplicity of CORI give the system an extraordinary ability to fit without problem into any environment. The versatility of the CORI system derives not only from its elegant and discreet appearance but also from its intrinsic values ​​such as shadow-free lighting along the entire length of the system, the optional equipment version with opal polycarbonate cover or in the dark black variant. Both as a single lamp and as a system, the recessed light provides an optimal diffusion. With its hidden uniformity creates an atmosphere of complete intimacy and trust.

CORI is an indoor modular system for wall installation made from an electrified and wired aesthetic profile and a wall bracket body both extruded in anodized aluminum alloy. The fixing of the electrified modules to the supporting extruded profile on the wall, takes place with the SNAP-IN quick coupling system. On request, ZEMIS can create customized compositions with the desired profile length. Dynamic and contemporary, CORI reinterprets the concept of a piece of furniture and a lamp. The aesthetic electrified profile is supplied complete with LEDs in the full-light bi-emission version with opal polycarbonate screens and with an integrated LED power supply located inside the profile.

The power supply wiring is pass-through and is equipped with terminals for quick connection to the 100-240VAC power supply line. CORI, thanks to a wide range of components and accessories of your choice, offers the necessary versatility to create a customized system according to your needs. CORI is an excellent solution for replacing objects to illuminate and at the same time rationalize the space. All this makes CORI a variable functional system for kitchens, living rooms, offices, hotels and shops.


Founded in 2002 with the mission of innovating the lighting sector, ZEMIS grows year by year while keeping faith with its original peculiarity: knowing how to do industry working with the passion of an Italian craftsman of the 21st century. ZEMIS means “sprout” in the Friulian language sung by the poet Pasolini in one of his most precious writings collected in early works. A sprout that requires solid roots to graft on to grow on a branch. This is the genesis and the story of a second-generation company that sees Riccardo Piccin retrace his father Carlo’s footsteps with undeterred passion.

Lighting for the furniture and architectural sector is a proud family passion for over 40 years.

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