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APIR introduces its collection of electrical switches

17 June 2022

APIR, a reference company in the hospitality and residential field for signage and furnishing accessories, introduces its collection of electrical switches. A handicraft company, born as an engraving, with a consolidated family history, now in its third generation and whose headquarters and production site are based in Acquaviva in the Republic of San Marino. The APIR line of electrical switches was born from the desire to offer customers’ spaces a total look enhanced in the smallest details. The ability to always offer innovative solutions is the result of listening carefully to the needs of customers and the search for convenience, functionality and comfort. Therefore, APIR introduces a wide range of electrical switches to the market, refined furnishing accessories which combine aesthetics, functionality and technology. Available in many designs, from classic to contemporary, and customizable in shape, cut, finish and materials, APIR offers the perfect switch for every space and every solution.

The lines range from the most traditional shapes such as square and rectangular (SQUARE) or round (CIRCLE) to the most sophisticated ones as those with rounded edges (EDGE), and switches recalling ancient times with baroque shapes (BAROQUE). They are combined with a thorough research of materials and finishes, in order to create a unique product that expresses a style and an identity reflecting the character and personality of the environment. The use of levers, buttons and dimmer makes each switch functional. Levers are mainly used in traditional installations, where APIR offers a choice of four different shapes: aeronautic, cylindric, V-shaped, knurled. Moreover, this control can also be used in home automation installations, in which APIR recommends the use of buttons (round, square, with or without LED backlighting or customized).

There are many possibilities to choose from in the combination of switch finishes and ignition (from satin to bronzed brass, from chromed to industrial, to RAL finishes), suggested each time by the company and customizable according to specific requirements. For APIR, the modus operandi is to always guarantee a solution to the customer, experimenting with creativity and giving birth to cutting-edge collections. With the APIR switches, the user is accompanied through a sensory journey, thanks to the presence of precise and customized incisions, such as logos, texts, and/or explanatory icons on the elements to activate.

The experience of the guest staying in a hotel or staying in a private residence, is made usable in the management of the environment, to facilitate the development of determined actions such as switching or controlling the lighting, manipulating the curtains and the home automation or initiating a call. Customers can choose from a wide range of symbols and commands or personalize them to suit their needs. Each electrical switch is handmade, proving the high craftsmanship that distinguishes APIR since the beginning. The production is able to integrate various types of inserts, such as national and international outlets (eg. double sockets, schuko, German, French, Swiss, England, etc.), USB-C, USB, respecting the standards of the different countries.


2022 new switches

In addition to the existing switch lines, APIR is launching a new collection in April 2022 which enhances company’s creativity and initiative. The lines have been designed following market trends in this field and APIR’s ongoing commitment to offer versatile solutions with a refined and exclusive design. APIR’s new collection enables the combination of materials with the use of wood, leather, high-tech fabrics, varnishes and color mixes to meet all aesthetic desires, while ensuring functionality, both in high-end hospitality and residential fields. The project has evolved through different lines of electrical switches. Today, APIR offers a greater number of collections, which differ in thickness, finish and texture, making each production unique and original.

This is how ‘Square’ was born, a 4mm switch with a classic yet modern design, suitable for hotels, luxury apartments, villas and prestigious offices. The ‘Domino’ model is distinguished by the contrasting combination of a satin and glossy finish and by its non-aligned buttons creating an irregular visual effect that makes it unique. The range is enriched by the ‘Wood, Cuoio e Carbonio’ collections in 6mm brass, with inserts in wood, leather, high-tech fabrics and carbon. All APIR customized materials allow customers to choose materials and colors according to their projects. The total customization makes the switch a real design element for a quality furnishing accessory.

Another design proposal in 6mm brass is the ‘Smalto’ collection in which the front plate is filled with lacquer in RAL colors. This is how ‘Seta’ and ‘Labirinto’ were born, recalling high-fashion where fabrics, textures and buttons are the essence of uniqueness and haute-couture. These are two lines with different visuals but with a unique soul: one more delicate and soft and the other more intense and showy.

Instead, the architecture of Palacio Condes in Lisbon is the source of inspiration for the ‘Porto’ line, where the modern side of the hotel is mixed with the classicism of the museum. Its façade, arranged on three levels, and the vertical elements are thus brought back, in a game of solids and voids that make this plate unique. Harmony, symmetry and linearity are the characteristics of the ‘Capri’ line, created at the specific request of the architect for the Hotel La Palma Capri. This is a structure that recalls the historicity and design of the place for which simple lines and impact are the customer’s choice for signage and switches.  Also part of the coordinated range proposed by APIR are the reading lamps and the bell, with standard and/or exclusive proposals for the customer.



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